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The Benefits of Using Pure Cotton Jiu Jitsu Gi

When you are on the hunt for the perfect jiu jitsu gi, there are many aspects to this decision that you need to consider. Between the colour, the sizing, the design and the price points, there’s no end to the amount of research you could do into the types of gi available to buy. 

One aspect that many people, particularly beginners at jiu jitsu, forget, is the material from which the gi is made. In this post we’ll answer your questions about why cotton is the best material for making a jiu jitsu gi, and the benefits of buying a pure cotton gi too.

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Let’s get started!

Why is cotton the best material for jiu jitsu gi?

Cotton is highly durable 

Cotton is one of the most durable materials that is used to make clothes and other fabrics. That’s why your bedsheets are likely made of pure cotton; the strong cotton withstands night after night of sleeping and wash after wash in the machine. 

When you practice jiu jitsu, your gi will be exposed to high amounts of friction and pressure as you move. This means that, if the gi was made of a weaker or thinner fabric, it would be susceptible to becoming threadbare or ripped in a short amount of time. 

Pure cotton’s durability makes it the best material for your gi, giving you a high quality gi that will last for years and protect you during fights. 

Cotton is breathable

Although cotton is a tough material, it is also highly breathable. Jiu jitsu is a high intensity combat sport, meaning you are likely to sweat a lot during your sessions. If you wore a fabric that was too dense, your gi would cause your body to overheat, causing discomfort, excessive sweating and even lightheadedness.

Pure cotton will allow your skin’s temperature to cool down, leaving you better equipped to perform to the best of your ability on the mat. You won’t overheat or feel hemmed in by a pure cotton gi, which is yet another reason to make sure the gi you buy is pure cotton!

Cotton is a non-irritating material.

When you are sweating, moving quickly and rolling on the mat, it would be easy for your skin to become irritated. That’s why cotton is the best material for gis, because it is a non-irritating material that won’t cause chafing, rashes or other irritations to your skin.

Unless you have an allergy to cotton, a cotton gi will keep your skin cool and irritation-free! This makes your whole jiu jitsu experience more comfortable, avoiding skin problems in the short and long terms.

Final Thoughts

By purchasing a jiu jitsu gi that is made from high quality cotton, you are giving yourself the best chance to excel at this sport. The breathability, durability and non-irritating nature of pure cotton will let you move freely on the mat, while protecting you from scuffs too. Why not check out our range of pure cotton gis today?


Zaraki Kenpachi