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5 Types of sugar which are good for your health

Today’s generation is often seen making jokes that one thing that we are sure we got from our grandparents is “diabetes” or blood pressure problems in our genes and not their mansions. Everyone enjoys eating sugary-products, baking items, love sugar in their drinks, etc. Some people are so extra sweet that they tend to use extra sugar in their coffee and make it taste more like a juice! One thing that the foodies must not ignore is not to cross the line where their health can be at stake.  Excess use may also make people have dementia, and the right amount of sugar contributes to a healthy brain. So everything has its pros and cons. Our brain tends to use 400 calories of sugar on a daily basis, so, be wise while using and this does not at all mean that one can feed himself/herself up with two bars of chocolates and be glad that now the brain may be boosted.

All around the world, there are various types of sugars available, having varieties in their formations, color, and taste. Each type has its purpose and is used by different entities, i.e., food industries like restaurants, companies, etc. and by families at home. To save yourself from getting on to medicines to balance out the blood sugar or being asked by the medical expertise to cut down the sugar, why not be cautious while taking our intakes. After all, prevention is better than cure.

All types of sugar are extracted from sugarcane and sugar beet. After extraction, sugar is purified from its impurities for further use. After the obtained sugar is refined and approved by the authorities, the next stage is of crystallizing it. Since the sugar here we are having is all sticky, and in sub-solid form, hence it is placed under some heat so that the water evaporates.  That is how we get varieties of sugar. The color of sugar it is differentiated by the ratio of molasses. The expert may bring changes in the proportion of molasses and hence have different flavors. Furthermore, not all types of sugar may be available in our homes as they are destined to be used only by the food industry authorities.

Let’s have a look at these 5 different types of sugars and see which one is beneficial to our health.


It is the regular kind of sugar that is considered as the purest for food. This regular sugar in white form contains 99.9% sucrose. It is safer to use in food, in drinks and is very easily available. It is the same sugar that you use for your tea, coffee, cornflakes, milk, etc. One can use the white sugar even for making baked items or making sweet dishes like truffle etc.

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Demerara sugar comes in brown form and is another safe form of sugar to use. The particles of Demerara are sticky and are in slightly larger form as compared to the regular sugar that we have in our sugar pots. According to health scientist, brown sugar is safer than the regular white granulated sugar, so Demerara sugar here takes an extra point. This form of sugar is usually found in European states where people are really health conscious but find it hard to go low on sugary items. Demerara has a caramel-like taste hence making it a treat to taste buds. Turbinado is the second name of Demerara sugar.


Coconut sugar is obtained from the sap coconut plant. It is obtained by dehydrating the sap of the coconut plant. Coconut sugar is excellent for its users as it is rich in minerals like potassium, magnesium insulin, etc.  The fiber present in coconut sugar tend to slow down the absorption of glucose, and this is the reason that makes coconut sugar to have a lower glycemic index when compared to the regular sugar that we have. Coconut sugar is rich in calories. The making process of coconut sugar comprises two steps:

  • The coconut is cut, and the liquid sap obtained from the fruit is stored in the containers.
  • Next step is drying it up so the water may evaporate and the natural sugar is left.


Barbados sugar is a form of brown sugar and is also known as Muscovado sugar. This form of sugar is different from other brown or white sugars as in it molasses are not removed, and it is made out of unrefined sugar cane. Also to mention here, the Barbados sugar comes in a darker color and has a sticky texture. Barbados may also be available in light brown highly rich particles. If we compare the taste of Barbados or Muscovado sugar with that of other brown sugars, then know that it has a more strong flavor which makes it a great item to use for barbecue sauce and items alike.

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Stevia is the form of the sugar that comes as good news for diabetic patients. It is the safest form of sugar that mostly doctor advice to people having blood sugar issues. The non-caloric feature of stevia makes it safe for its consumers. People may enjoy it in their drinks, bakery items or sweet dishes. Stevia helps in balancing your blood sugar levels and hence the user is saved from the risk of getting heart problems as well.

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Zaraki Kenpachi