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How to Get Every Mount in World of Warcraft

If you are looking for a video game with diverse content, an ever-expanding lore, and a ton of gameplay elements to choose from, you do not have to look for long. World of Warcraft (WoW) checks all of these boxes and offers so much more to players.

Just like many other MMORPGs out there, it includes choosing races and classes, leveling your hero, and then playing the endgame content in both PvE and PvP modes. However, unlike its many competitors, WoW has been going strong for over 17 years.

This is a feat unprecedented in the history of gaming. Generations of players have been coming and going and for all that time there has been one constant. That is of course the ultimate presence of the game that has long transcendent the boundaries of just another title and managed to become a cultural phenomenon.

WoW and Mounts

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As mentioned, WoW is a rich game with so many things to do. There is no obligation for the players to do any single type of content. You do not have to do arenas or battlegrounds if you do not feel like it. There is no need to raid or do dungeons. Of course, there are consequences of not doing the most difficult and challenging content as you will never get the best gear, but it is not just about that.

Collecting unique stuff in the game is a whole experience on its own and manty a player takes pride in it. The most prized possessions of every WoW enthusiast are mounts, beasts, monsters, magical and mechanical marvels of war that help the players traverse the world faster and in style.

Now, although the mounts are among the most treasured things you can own and show off in the game, they are also among the most difficult to obtain. Some of them are truly impossible to get both in terms of the mathematics involved and the luck you need to even come across them.

If you are a passionate WoW player, or just a newbie looking for something new to do, collecting mounts is equally fun. In this article we talk about how you can get every mount in World of Warcraft. Right off the bat we need to say that it is impossible to do it in the current state of the game for various reasons. There are still hundreds of mounts to obtain so stick with us until the end.


The most straightforward way to get the new set of rarest mounts in WoW is to simply play the game. PvE and PvP content award plenty of mounts to collect. However, many of them are very difficult to obtain considering how much one has to do in order to even find them, let alone complete the attached challenge. Most players are too under-geared to continuously experience successful runs and matches, leaving them in a tough place where they have no chance of getting the best mounts.

Downing the hardest bosses on Mythic+ difficulty or getting the high enough PvP rating for the mount rewards is impossible to a great percentage of the player base. Luckily, players who have the best gear and who know the game inside-out offer boosting services where they help you get the mounts you want. Either by doing it for you or helping you do it, they will make it easy by offering their professional services.

You can get the mount you want in exchange for gold or for real-life money. There are many other boosting services too, as this practice has become a full-fledged business in WoW. For more information on it and the best place to get mount boosting in WoW, make sure to check out https://buy-boost.com/wow/wow-mounts.

Do Old Content

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WoW is a game with an amazing overall replay value simply because of the number of expansions and patches it has got over the years. The main game came out in 2004 and since then there have been eight major expansions. Each of them has dozens of raids and dungeons you can still complete, despite the game being in the latest Shadowlands expansion.

The best of all? You can do it all alone and within minutes because player power far exceeds the difficulty levels and the abilities of the enemies from previous content. A lot of cool mounts drop from raid, dungeon, and world bosses. All you have to do in order to get them is down the boss enough times as the drop rates are quite low.

Check out your in-game journal for the best boss-drop mounts still available and go hunting. It is also a fun way to learn about the history of the game, catch up on the lore, and relive some old memories from years ago.

Buy them In-Game

As any other modern video game, the gameplay of WoW revolves heavily on the in-game economy. Gold is king since you can do a lot of things with it, from actually buying game-time instead of paying real-life money for it, to purchasing all sorts of items for your heroes. The more you have it, the more you will be able to do. Once you get all of the right armor, weapons, enchantments, and other things that actually increase your power, you can start spending money on your style and bling.

And what better to spend your hard-earned gold on than mounts? NPC vendors are all over the game ready to exchange your gold for some unique mounts that can only be obtained with coin. Travel to capital cities far and wide and you should come across them. Some of the mounts are quite cheap while others cost tens of thousands of gold. When you get them all, it is time to visit the auction house and buy mounts there.

This is a trickier thing to do because players put sky-high price tags on the rare mounts they find and already have. Be ready to pay anywhere from a few thousand to a few million gold for certain rare mounts on the auction house.

Buy Them from the Shop

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Lastly, you can but a dozen or so mounts from the Blizzard client shop for around $25. This is usually frowned upon by the general player base as most consumers do not support the World of Warcraft shop. The mounts are pricey as they cost almost as much as two monthly subscriptions, but if you want to collect every mount in the game this is the only way.

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