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5 Tips for Getting into WoW’s Challenging Mythic+ Dungeons

World of Warcraft, better known as WoW, is a game released by Blizzard Entertainment in 2004. This game has been announced for a long time, since 2001, but still, it finally saw the light of day on the 10th anniversary of the Warcraft franchise. If you love playing games then we are sure you are familiar with the details of this Warcraft fantasy universe. However, for those who don’t know much about it, this is an MMORPG game or a massively multiplayer online role-playing game.

The entire WoW operation takes place in the Azeroth world. Of course, WoW has not stopped at the initial stage since 2004, but year after year it had 8 extensions that made the players happy but also caused trouble to the players. Here you will simply be able to create a military character, or better said an avatar that can be in the third or first person. You can openly explore the world of this game, be in the fight with various monsters, and get specific tasks. Throughout the statement, communication is represented not only with players but also with those who are not. Like this, it encourages you to be together in performing tasks, advancing character, and collecting better equipment.

It is not necessary to talk much about the popularity of this game, having in mind that by 2017, the company earned more than 9.2 billion dollars on its account. It ranks among the highest-grossing video games ever. However, the game is not for everyone. It requires a lot of patience and thinking. We have decided to bring you a little closer to the part related to entering dungeons in this text, and WoW Boost helped us with that.

1. What are dungeons in WoW?

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When a player fights against the environment itself (PvE), there are two basic types of content: dungeons and raids. Here we are now talking primarily about dungeons. It is content designed for the 5 players found in each WoW expansion. A healer, a tank, and 3 damage dealers can most often be found here. On the opposite strain, the side of the enemy, in dungeons you can fight a boss or trash. In this game, the abilities of your opponent, no matter who he is, are called mechanics.

Perhaps even the strongest enemies are the bosses. They possess several very dangerous abilities that you need to be aware of. What makes bosses even more dangerous than others is that they have more health than everyone else. You need more patience and time to defeat them. Everything is under control until other enemies come to the aid of the bosses. One dungeon can usually have 4 bosses, which takes you about 30 minutes to cross.

As we have already said, you can also fight garbage in the dungeon. These are groups of small enemies. They are everywhere.

2. Adjust the difficulty of playing the dungeon

When you are in the dungeon you have the option to change the difficulty of the game. Greater weight brings with it better rewards for completing a dungeon mission. However, you must take care that increasing the weight of the game brings stronger enemies. They will have more health and do you more harm.

When you right-click on your character located at the top left of the screen you get a drop-down menu. You choose one of the 4 dungeon weight settings offered. There are: normal, heroic, mythic, and mythic +. In the first two cases (normal and heroic) you can join the dungeon with the help of LFG tools. You simply choose your role and wait in line. You can choose the dungeon yourself or a similar choice. With the help of LFG, as soon as you find your group, you will be teleported to the dungeon.

Mythic and mythic + are options that come with newer expansions and are very demanding.

3. Find a group to dungeon and attack in WoW

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This is easiest with the group search tool. This includes the key shortcut. In addition to this simple way, you can find a group, or join it via the LFG shortcut. Here the procedure for the shade is different and more complicated. Here’s our tip: instead of going to “dungeon finder”, we suggest you go to “premade groups” and then choose “dungeon”

4. Secrets of Mythic +

Mythic keystones are dungeons that you can’t enter without a key. Near the entrance to the dungeon, there is a Font of Power stand in which the key is placed. Now the question arises: how can the keys be obtained. There are two ways to do this. The first way is to run a keyless mythic dungeon, also called a mythic zero. If you run it you will get a dungeon key. You will also get +2. Now you may be wondering what +2 means. If you have a +2 key it simply means that the weight of the dungeon has increased. Your enemies become stronger and healthier. Another thing you need to know in this segment. When you destroy your enemies, they turn into glowing balls that you must destroy as soon as possible otherwise they will cause you great damage. The effect of time is also very important here, so try to solve the dungeon as soon as possible to get the best possible reward in the form of keys in the next stages.

Another way you can get the key is by simply downloading it from the weekly box. If you went through mythic keystone dungeons a week ago. This way you get a key that is in a lower rank than the one you have already completed.

5. Get acquainted with raids

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As in dungeons, so in raids, you fight against bosses and garbage. Yet the percentage difference. Here the groups are much larger and can consist of up to 30 people. And the composition of the game is the same as in dungeons except that a larger number of squeezers and damage dealers.

If it took about 30 minutes to cross the average dungeons, it will take you a few hours to finish everything. Opponents are the same, with the same abilities, the way of management is the same, just think carefully if you and your team have patience for something like this. Being in a fight with so many people is challenging. As a little relief, you have raid leaders here to help you coordinate and understand the roles of the whole group.

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