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How Do You Cope With a Losing Streak in LOL

As a way of entertainment, many people choose to play games. Although there are many categories, one of the most popular games is the strategies. The league is one of the games that many people enjoy, both because every match is different, and because of the chance to become better gradually.

Everyone enjoys the parties where they win, however that is not always possible. There are periods when you are mostly losing and that can be frustrating. You can become bad for your teammates, and yourself generally. That is why you have to find a way to cope with the losing streak.

To make things simpler, we have created a list of things that you can implement in your life to reduce the stress from the losing streak that you are having in LoL. Try to calm yourself, and remember that these losing periods will not last.

Do something relaxing

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The best way to stop the frustration is to turn your game off. Stand up and do something different, if you start another game and you lose that one too, you will be even madder.

Start with things that you usually enjoy, whether that is reading or watching a show. Anything that helps you to forget about your league frustrations, do it. If you happen to play at night, and it doesn’t go the way you have planned, just leave the screen and go to bed. Resting will improve your brain functioning and you will do better the next day.

Treat yourself

Treating yourself can make you feel good enough to forget about the bad times you have passed in the game. It is really important to do something the frustrations because you might end up hating the game, and never playing it again.

You don’t have to do too much, getting something nice to eat, or visiting the mall should be okay. This means that it doesn’t take much for you to feel good, just stand up and stop playing for a while.

Play different modes

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If you were disappointed because you are losing the rank you are in, don’t start the next match competitively again. Some modes do not affect your score, so you can have fun there, and forget about the previous frustrations. In the end, the whole purpose of playing is to entertain yourself, not fill yourself with anger.

Try out different heroes

Another thing that you can do to prevent the repetitiveness of the matches, and stop getting upset because of the bad outcomes is to try out different heroes. Being stuck on one champion, and going to matches with the same one over and over can become boring.

We understand that you want to master that champion, but make sure that you do something to diverse yourself from the repetitiveness. Even if you lose, it will be more fun to play different heroes because you will be doing something else for the next thirty minutes. In the end, the problem might be in the champion, whether it is not good at the moment, or there are just better alternatives.

Observe your previous games and find mistakes

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If you happen to be losing because of your mistakes, you should do something about it. Firstly, you should load up your previous matches and see the mistakes you have done. Whether your positioning is wrong, or you had some bad decisions, try to correct yourself in the future.

In addition, as a part of the relaxing, you can watch videos of how the professionals are playing your character. That way, you can learn something that would’ve taken you a long time, and implement it in your next game.

Invite your friends for some matches

The issue for the losing streak can be the other players on your team. If you are doing well in your lane, and they somehow manage to die multiple times, it is only natural to get mad.

To avoid getting players like these, you can persuade your friends to play with you. The communication that you have with them will help you to do better and get some wins. When you play with them, even if it is not going like planned, you will still have fun which is the most important thing.

Alternatively, you can buy oce lol account that is ranked much higher, suggests aussyelo.com. By doing that, you will be able to queue up with much better players (platinum, diamond, master, etc).

Find yourself a new game

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As a way to get away from being angry because you were losing too much at LoL, you can start another game. This does not mean that you have to give up on this game, however, it is good to change something for a while. You can play both games simultaneously, when you get bored with the league, start the other one. It does not have to be the same style, play something different, and relax. You can ask your friends for any recommendations, or start a new game online so you can play together.

If you want to chill out from playing against other people, you can try out some of the games that do not require online matchups. Finishing solo games gives your brain a sensation like you have achieved something. That will make you feel good and forget about the bad times in the league.

After some time you can get back, and you will see how much more relaxed you have become, and the wins will come automatically.

Understand that it is not always your fault

Many people are stressing themselves because they think they are the reason for losing the matches. However, the reality is quite the opposite. Many times the people on your time are not doing your best, and they are compromising your rankings and they are basically wasting your time. This does not mean that you have to give your best every time, but there are different modes for trying things out and not being serious.

When you happen to have multiple games with people who are doing everything besides what are they supposed to, just wait for the match to finish and do something relaxing.

Make sure that you are fulfilling the purpose of entertainment and try out some of the things on this list to cope with the periods of losing too many matches.

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