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Wear Tall Boots with a Skirt or Long Dress?

In general, I advise you to wear your boots with a long skirt, a long dress, or even flared 7/8 flared pants to bring a real trendy side to your outfit whatever your body type. As you can see in these photos, it gives a super stylish look provided of course that your boots are super stylish and preferably high heels.

Boots and Skirts (or short dresses)

Boots can also look cool with dresses and short skirts. Here as you know the look, tall combat boots women’s and short skirt works well, because the overall look is super stylish with this short wrap skirt, top that looks nice, and this gorgeous pair of boots!

How to wear thigh-high boots without being vulgar?

Now let’s talk about the shorts! Thigh-high boots are high boots that stick to the legs and go higher than regular boots. Over-the-knee boots are quite frowned upon, as they are often considered vulgar, but I don’t quite agree with that. Yes, it is true that over the knee boots can very easily make a vulgar look, but if you manage to combine your over the knee boots with not at all vulgar pieces you can succeed in creating a cool and easy to wear outfit for everyday life. . we avoid going to the office with waders, unless we have a pretty cool job or in the field of fashion. In general, wear your outfits with waders instead when going for a walk or going out for a drink, for example.

To make sure you don’t fall for vulgarity:

  • Avoid leather thigh-high boots and favor flat thigh boots or small square heels.
  • Avoid wearing thigh-high boots with tight-fitting outfits and prefer oversized clothing, that is to say very wide.
  • Over-the-knee boots with short outfits 

Let’s move on to the examples:

Thigh-high boots are worn with short outfits, either against the skin or with a pair of tights. You see the look below is nothing vulgar, it’s a slightly sexy feminine look, not vulgar.

Thigh-high boots if you have plumper legs

Contrary to what many people may think, over-the-knee boots are not recommended if you have curves, unlike regular boots. Thigh-high boots stick to the calves and if you choose them in a material that does not shine (so especially not in leather), they will not add much volume around your calves and therefore will not have a magnifying effect on your legs. Instead, opt for heeled models with thick heels, as they are more flattering for your figure than thin heels.

The high thigh-high boots with jeans

Thigh-high boots can also be worn over jeans. Some women like to wear thigh-high boots with thin heels that go up high on the jeans. This look is difficult to wear daily and does not suit many people. You have to have long and thin legs for the visual rendering to be nice. The outfit is not bad at all, we have a nice coat, a shirt, and well-cut jeans. However, I would have preferred a pair of shorter thigh-high boots with small thick heels instead of this thigh-high model.

Save For my part, I prefer much simpler thigh-high boots for everyday use … A nice pair of flat thigh-high boots (with small thick heels) not too high worn with jeans is ideal.

High boots to favor!

We end with some superb models of boots to which I advise you to orient yourself if you want a pair of boots! There are no secrets beautiful boots are quality boots made of beautiful materials. They are also often very simple, uncluttered, without frills. A good pair of boots is not going to cost 30 euros, you will have to invest at least 150 euros to get them, but they will accompany you all for a good part of your life without being damaged. And if they are made of leather, they will even beautify over time, as well-maintained leather will beautify over time.

Zaraki Kenpachi