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Know the Risk of DIY Dry Cleaning

Have you seen the DIY dry cleaning solutions which are appearing in stores across the country? These kits offer to take handle of your dry cleaning needs when you relax at home. You might well be inspired to try DIY dry cleaning because of the marketing, but hold off for now. 

Dry washing at home isn’t all of that it’s built up to be. There are some risks to consider before trying to dry clean your clothes on your own. You’ll find that using a dry cleaning delivery service is better after considering the risks. 

Damage Fabrics 

Dry-clean-only clothing needs extra care. However, not all fabrics are suitable for DIY dry cleaning kits. In addition, you risk harming the fabric if you dry clean your clothes yourself, leading you to remove items you love. It is a major risk, so professional dry cleaning services are advised instead.

Fabric Might Shrink 

You do not have to worry about your clothing shrinking if you use a dry cleaning delivery service. In London, many professional dry cleaners near me take extra precautions to maintain the cloth in perfect condition.

However, that’s not always the case with DIY dry cleaning kits. Therefore, many people have been complaining about their clothes shrinking after dry cleaning at home. Your clothes will not fit properly if they shrink. It’s probable that they won’t even fit. Instead of performing yourself, you can avoid it by hiring a professional.

The Strong Smell Can Cause Headaches and Migraines 

Clothing that’s been properly dry cleaned is fresh and clean, without any unpleasant odours. However, DIY dry cleaning kits have a poor reputation for leaving bad smells. The smells are unpleasant for everyone, but it’s especially so for those who suffer from migraines or headaches.

Strong smells can cause migraines in persons who are sensitive to them. If you fit into this category, you will get a migraine every time you wear clothes that have been dry cleaned at home. However, the strong smells may cause a headache if you don’t experience migraines. When you can use a dry cleaning delivery service for your items, it’s not worth taking the risk.

The Fabric Can Absorb Body Odors

Consider putting on freshly dry-cleaned clothing to find it stinks like a gym locker room. Unfortunately, most people face this problem after using DIY dry cleaning kits. Whereas these kits help freshen up clothes to some level, they frequently leave unpleasant odors behind. Musty odors and the like are examples of this. Sweat smell in the underarm area. If you have to wear the clothing out, this might be very awkward. Fortunately, some dry cleaners near me in London will remove all odours. So when you get your clothes professionally dry cleaned, you won’t have to worry about people smelling them.

Stains Will Set in the Fabric When Use This

Some stains can be cleaned with at-home dry cleaning kits. However, they are effective against oil-based and difficult-to-remove stains. If you try to dry clean stained clothing at home, the oil or dirt may become absorbed in the fabric, creating the stains more difficult to remove. Using a dry cleaning delivery service is a handy way to ensure that stains are professionally removed without the need to discard your clothes.

Damage Adornments

Professional dry cleaners like Hello Laundry are familiar with the challenges of caring for embroidered fabrics. A single mistake might ruin the embellishments and the dress. Therefore, they take additional steps to prevent the garments from looking brand new after cleaning. You risk damaging decorated garments if you’re using a DIY dry cleaning kit.

If the embellishments fall off, you’ll have to pay to get the clothing repaired. Send your garments to a dry cleaning delivery service instead of spending all that money on repairs. Then, for the very first time, your garments will be cleaned properly, saving you money over the long term.

Weak bags destroy clothes

You don’t want to dry-clean-only clothes in the dryer without any protection. Many DIY dry cleaning packages, however, come with flimsy bags that are easily torn. Several customers have expressed their disappointment with opening the dryer only to find the bag has split and the clothes are flying around. In addition, clothing can damage if it gets caught on zippers or ornamentation.

Final Words

You won’t have to worry about this if you use expert dry cleaning services. Your local dry cleaner will cover all of your items during the cleaning process to prevent rips and tears. Hello Laundry, one of the best dry cleaners near me, takes care of everything. Your clothing will be picked up from your home or workplace, rushed to the facility, and then delivered to you when they are done. 

When you use a professional service, you won’t worry about your clothes tumbling around other items. You also won’t have to worry about your garments being damaged by weak equipment.

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