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How Much Does It Cost to Hire a Commercial Cleaning Company?

Maintaining a clean workplace is key if you want to boost productivity by lowering employee stress and encouraging focus.

It’s one thing to encourage employees to maintain a clutter-free workspace and another to free your commercial space of dust, grime, and other unpleasant particles that settle on various surfaces.

Hiring a commercial cleaning company is a great solution for any workplace. The question is, how much will it cost you to hire a commercial cleaning company?

Read on to learn more about the factors that can affect the cost of professional cleaning and learn more about how to pick the best cleaning company for your needs.

Is There an Average Cost for Cleaning Services?

It’s hard to nail down an exact average cost for cleaning services. Not only do these costs vary widely across the country, but they vary based on a range of factors (which we will discuss below).

Generally, you can expect that a basic cleaning package for a small commercial space (about 1,000 square feet) will cost between $100 and $150. The best way to narrow down prices is to request quotes from a variety of commercial cleaning companies in your region.

Remember, you don’t always want to make your selection based on who charges the lowest rates. Instead, pair your price comparison with an assessment of a company’s services and reviews. This janitorial service offers a good example of affordable commercial cleaning prices without a sacrifice of quality.

Factors That Affect the Cost to Hire a Commercial Cleaning Company

Now, let’s take a look at some of the factors that could affect the fees you should expect to accrue when hiring a commercial cleaning company. The biggest factors are square footage and hourly rates.

Square Footage

Naturally, you can expect to pay more for more square footage. However, rates usually increase with a built-in discount as square footage goes up (e.g. $120 for 1,000 square feet vs $200 for 2,000 square feet).

Fixed vs Hourly Rates

Some companies charge a fixed rate and tend to set these rates based on square footage. However, others may opt for an hourly rate following the same pattern as the one we referenced above (e.g. $120 for one hour vs $200 for two hours).

Other Factors That May Come Into Play

Occasionally, you’ll encounter cleaning services that charge more for certain services or offer discounts under certain circumstances. These extraneous factors include:

  • Charging more for buildings that need to meet hospital standards of cleanliness
  • Charging more for buildings with multiple bathrooms, kitchen areas, etc
  • Charging less to companies that set up recurring cleaning appointments

These extraneous factors will be covered on a cleaning company’s website or they will be broken down in the quote they provide.

Don’t Miss Out on the Benefits of Professional Cleaning

There are tons of reasons why hiring a commercial cleaning company can benefit your business. Believe it or not, one of the big benefits is that a clean workspace can boost productivity by reducing distractions, stress, and more. To find out more about specific costs, request multiple quotes from commercial cleaning companies near you and do a price comparison (but don’t skimp on quality).

A clean workplace can help lower health risks around the office. If you want to learn more about how to boost your day-to-day health, take a look at our health section.

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