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5 Reasons to Book Disney Vacation Packages

We’ve all had a pretty rough year, and few things can put that into perspective quite like Disney World. In 2019 an estimated almost 21 million people visited Disney World on vacation. Throughout 2024, the park has remained closed or open with only limited attendance numbers.

But this is steadily changing thanks to the ongoing vaccine rollout and other COVID changes. Disney vacation packages will soon be one of the best ways you and your family can get away later this summer.

But why choose Disney vacation packages over any other options? We’re going to delve deep into five key reasons why a Disney World vacation is the option for you.

1. Disney Vacation Packages Will Let You Experience Disney World’s 50th Anniversary

It may be something you’ve missed amongst everything else going on, but Disney World is set to celebrate its 50th anniversary in 2024. Specifically, the date of opening occurs in October, but there are several reasons why visiting on an anniversary year is worthwhile whichever month you choose.

Disney will likely be putting on several special events to commemorate the occasions. This may include new parades, fireworks, or shows that may never be shown in the same way again.

That makes Disney World vacation packages more desirable than ever in 2024.

If you book this year, you can grab a timeless slice of that Disney magic for you and your family that might never happen again. It’s a story you’ll be able to tell all of your friends for years afterward.

2. Select Whichever Resort You Like With a Disney Vacation Package

One of the most exciting aspects of a being Disney vacation package planner is that you can choose to stay in any Disney resort you like.

In case you’ve not been to one of these magical places before, these are Disney hotels and areas near the park where you can stay overnight. There are now a number of different Disney resort hotels to choose from.

All of these come in different price brackets as well as different themes.

If your kids fancy themselves as future movie stars, you could stay in the All-Star Movie Resort. Or, if you’re looking for a more luxurious experience, you can stay in Disney’s Yacht Club.

Staying in a resort is the most convenient way to enjoy the huge array of entertainment options on offer at Disney today.

One aspect of staying at a resort that might concern you is the price of parking.

To find out more about how you can save money on parking during your trip, take a read through this DVC parking information.

3. Disney Vacation Packages Can Be Paid For on a Payment Plan with a $200 Deposit

Another great reason to consider a Disney World vacation in 2024 is how affordable many of these packages now are.

For any Disney Vacation package in 2024, all you need is a minimum $200 deposit to secure your booking. This deposit is also refundable up to 30 days before your stay. This is something you’ll want to bear in mind with how precarious holiday booking has been in the past year.

If you’re still struggling to figure out how to pay for Disney World, you can do so on a payment plan. This means you only need to pay a certain agreed amount towards your vacation each month.

Or, if you want it paid off quicker, you could agree to a payment each week. Disney payment plans are flexible to ensure you can always afford to get yourself and your family to Disney World.

4. You Can Include Dining Plans on Your Disney Vacation Package

Food is always an expensive proposition at amusement parks, and Disney World is no different. But if you go with a package option, you can choose to include one of Disney’s revered dining plans.

With a Disney dining plan, you can customize just how many meals you want to include. These include meals at Disney restaurants as well as snacks throughout their parks. You can even include alcoholic drinks if you’re inclined.

These dining plans can be a great way of ensuring that you and your family are able to get into some of the busier restaurants at the park. This is thanks to the fact that you can book busier restaurants 60 days in advance.

It can also work out cheaper for you than if you were to buy food regularly in the park.

Make sure to look into the many dining plans offered with Disney vacation packages to see if any are right for you.

5. 14 Day Tickets For The Price of Seven Days in 2024

Thanks to the ongoing pandemic, Disney is doing everything it can to encourage more people to come to Disney World this year. One such promotion is that you can usually get 14 day stays in the park for the price of a single week.

This is a massive cost-saving and can double the amount of time you and your family could stay at Disney World. This can allow you to pack in so many more sights and rides, at a fraction of the price it’d usually be.

Make sure you double-check before you book to ensure that the dates you’re choosing are applicable for this colossal saving. In case you’re worried, you can currently cancel bookings seven days in advance and receive a full refund. Though it’ll need to be 30 days in advance to receive your deposit.

Where Can I Find Out More About Disney Vacation Packages?

You should now know why buying Disney vacation packages for you and your family is the best vacation option in 2024. But we know you may want to find out more about travel and other holiday topics in this crazy year.

To find out more about Disney or related technology topics, make sure to have a read of some of the previous posts on our website.

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