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Do Not Miss Time to Avoid These While Occasions

Raksha Bandhan is one of the most popular festivals in India that is celebrated all across the nation with great spirit. Indians living outside India make sure not to miss out on the celebration of this beautiful festival. This year the festival will be celebrated on August 22. It is worth noting that the festival should be celebrated as per the timings specified by religious experts. The festival is growing in popularity in India and abroad. 

On this day, siblings, relatives, and friends celebrate the beautiful bond of brother and sister. Rakhi festival also unites people of diverse cultures, ethnic groups, and religions as they come together and celebrate the spirit of pure love and affection shared by brothers and sisters. The Rakhi festival has been celebrated for decades. Given below are the details about the appropriate time when you may tie Rakhi to your dear ones:

Auspicious time to tie Rakhi:

According to religious experts, for Raksha Bandhan, the Purnima Tithi is scheduled to start from 7 PM on August 22, and the Purnima Tithi will come to an end at 5: 30 PM the following day or August 22, 2024.  Meanwhile, the Rakhi festival’s thread ceremony time will remain from 6:15 am to 5:30 pm on August 22, 2024.

As per the details provided by religious experts, the ideal time when you may tie the Rakhi (also known as Aparahan Time Rakhi Muhurat) this year will start from 1:37 PM to 4:07 pm. If you cannot tie Rakhi between this time due to some problems, you may tie the religious thread during the Pradosh Time that will begin from 6:49 pm to 9:05 pm.  

The time you should avoid tying Rakhi:

You must follow the schedule provided by experts. The time that you must avoid tying Rakhi to your sibling is Bhadra Panchha, Bhadra Mukha, and Bhara End period. The Bhadra Panchha will remain active between 2:18 am to 3:26 am; the Bhadra Mukha period will start from 3:26 am and end at 5:19 am. And the Bhadra End period will be 6:15 am.

Auspicious time should be followed in spirit when you celebrate the festival with your relatives.

Strengthen the bond: The Rakhi festival not only boosts the bond of love between brothers and sisters but also provides them the opportunity to revisit their precious years when they celebrated the festival with each other. It strengthens their relationship further as the brother takes the vow to protect his sister for the rest of her life.

Gifts: The festival also provides an opportunity to shower your loved ones with amazing gifts. You can purchase sweets along with things that your loved one is fond of. There are traditional gift hampers, chocolate boxes, and other options available that you may select as per your liking.

Send Rakhi to faraway locations:

There are situations when your brother is residing far away, or you may be living out of the country. In such a situation, you may explore the options of sending Rakhi abroad. You will find several websites that offer their services when it comes to sending Rakhi to distant locations. The sites allow you to send Rakhi anywhere in India and abroad.

Types of Rakhis:

You can find various types of Rakhis available on the website so that you can celebrate the festival with full fervor.  The types of Rakhi that you may purchase may include Jewelled Rakhi, Bhai-Bhabhi Rakhi, Lumba Rakhi, Zodiac or sun-sign Rakhi, plain threads Rakhi, and eco-friendly Rakhi, among others. You may choose from them as per your need. The sites also offer the latest collection of Rakhis that are in vogue. These days eco-friendly Rakhis are highly popular because of the growing awareness among people to protect their planet. You may also purchase Rakhis according to age group.

Therefore, we may conclude here that you may purchase the best Rakhi from a leading online Rakhi store at cost-effective prices. You must ensure that you check the images thoroughly, as the Rakhi may look altogether different when it finally arrives at your doorstep. Also, check the thread quality and other details to not to cause discomfort to your loved ones.

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