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Soundproof your music studio with Pikacoustics acoustic panels.

Are you a music enthusiast? Do you have a music studio in your house? Are your neighbors always complaining about the noise they hear every time you practice your music in your studio? You can opt for acoustic panels to reduce sound pollution.

The panels are a convenient way of reducing noise pollution and improving the sound quality of the room. If you are planning to record a song in your home studio, you can check out the acoustic panels at Pikacoustics.

What are acoustic panels? 

Most people are not aware of what acoustic panels are. These mounted panels are made from foam. These panels are designed to enhance the sound quality of the room. Moreover, if you choose the right type of acoustic panels, you are also able to eliminate the outside noise from the music studio.

Acoustic panels are quite flexible. You can place them anywhere in the room to improve the quality of sound while practicing music.

Undeniable benefits of using acoustic panels: 

No matter where you live, there is a constant noise following you everywhere. There is the whistle of the pressure cooker, the horns of the vehicles, the children playing and screaming. You cannot run from these voices. However, acoustic panels can give you peace of mind by giving you optimal sound absorption.

Easy to Install:

Whether you are a musician or you want to have a soundproof environment in your home, installing an acoustic panel is the best option. These panels come in different materials and styles.

You can install these panels without any hassle. However, it is best to take the help of a professional. A professional expert would let you know the right place in the room to put the panel. You’d be able to control the outside noise from coming into the room.

Properly installed acoustic panels can do wonders in creating a peaceful atmosphere. If there is an unsealed gap, the acoustic panel would be of no use in the room. You won’t be able to block the outside noise and improve the voice quality of the room.

If the acoustic panels are not correctly installed in the room, they are not able to perform to their full ability. Therefore, it is essential to take the help of professionals. You can check out the acoustic panels at pikacoustics. They offer you an optimal acoustic treatment with a free consultation about how to handle the acoustic panels.

Less Stress 

With acoustic panels, you can reduce your stress levels and improve your well-being. How is that so?

Acoustic panels eliminate the unnecessary noise from the outside. You are not bothered by the honking of the vehicles or the kids playing on the street. This allows you to improve your focus on what you are doing and reduce your stress level by being able to concentrate better.

You are not easily distracted by any kind of noise when you have a perfectly installed acoustic panel in your room. You get to have a peaceful environment to practice what you are playing on your instrument.

Reduces echo and reverberation 

The echo is a common problem in the music studio. Furniture and curtains in the studio help in preventing the echo in the room. However, sometimes even they are not enough.

Acoustic panels prove to be quite helpful when you are facing the problem of echo and reverberation in your music studio.

Better Entertainment 

According to, Rocks Off Magazine listening to music can bring you a long list of benefits. If you are a music enthusiast, you’d want a good sound quality experience without the need of spending dollars for an expensive sound controlling system. The best acoustic panels are going to be the best solution to give you better entertainment.

With these panels, you can manage the sound of the room in a better way. By reducing the noise from the outside and enhancing the sound quality, these panels increase your entertainment.

Moreover, acoustic panels are ideal for someone who wants to have a theatre-like experience while watching a movie in the home theatre.


It is not enough to design the studio room and renovate it. You have to treat the sound quality to improve your practice sessions.

If you want to effectively eliminate the outside noise, you should get the acoustic panels installs when you plan to convert your basement into a music studio.

Zaraki Kenpachi