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Tips and Tricks for Online Teaching through Mobile

“It’s not just about ideas, it’s about making ideas happen!”

This decade has been a witness to a variety of technological innovations. This has led to the introduction of various wireless devices and platforms for sharing and receiving an array of information. These recent developments have changed the way we perceive, react to and get involved with information and the way we socialize. Every field has been a recipient of these changes. Education is no exception.

Online teaching is still in its formative years, but the ongoing pandemic and subsequent national and provincial lockdowns have led to a plethora of live teaching apps and portals. Informational Technology has been significantly used to enhance teaching and learning experiences in the field of education. In the same light, countless academic institutions and setups have been inclining towards these advanced technologies to facilitate their teaching infrastructure. While the recent lockdown situations have only fanned the utilization of such technology, it had started being a trend in almost all the educational institutions, way before! These recent developments have only empowered teachers to expand the dimension of teaching, beyond mortal classrooms. A simple mobile phone is good enough to share information at any interval of time.

Understanding Online Teaching

Online teaching is a teaching methodology in which a teacher makes use of an accessible device like a computer, mobile, or an e-screen and an internet connection. It is also called mobile teaching because educational material can be provided to the students, at any time from anywhere!  This technology is economic, mobile, and elastic. Hence, mobile teaching apps are very popular amongst teachers. All these features are absent when it comes to traditional teaching.

Tips and Tricks for Teaching Online through Mobile.

For your convenience, we have listed down below some tips and tricks which you can use to have a smooth and hassle-free experience of online teaching.

Set your Targets

Alike students, teachers can also experience diminished attentiveness in online learning. Setting regular alarm notifications can help in this. A pre-hand jotting of all the tasks and targets always helps to execute a smooth teaching session. Preparation of topics and pre-setting all important themes in a subject helps both teacher and students

 Backup Visuals or Audio

Every student has a different grasp and understanding capabilities. While some are capable to learn at one go, others require time to analyze and process. It is recommended to record a summarizing video or audio so that the students can easily understand the topic while revising. This helps them while preparing for tests as well. With a personalized touch in the recorded material, there is no room for any confusion.

Exciting Activities

Daily lectures can get dreary for students. A tincture of fun activities like quizzes, games and polls can actually boost the interest levels of students. This ensures that the students are at the same pace and that they understand the concepts well. This can be practiced on a daily basis at the introduction or at the conclusion of the class. This ensures revision of the topic as well.

Regular Discussions and Feedback

Group Chat feature can be very beneficial when it comes to providing regular updates and feedback. In the same vein, an online discussion forum can also be introduced in the group chat to discuss various ideas, suggestions as well as topics. Students may as well draw attention to any doubts they may have or respond to your asked questions in the chatbox, and discuss them with you and the class, to improve their understanding of the theory.

Making use of Statistics

Making use of statistics and data can provide vital figures to understand any topic analytically. Mobile Learning apps provide the space to share logistics with students, so that they do not face any difficulties in understanding mathematical and physics-based topics.


Zaraki Kenpachi