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Ultimate Guide to Refurbishing Your Office: 5 Tips

Your office interiors can affect your productivity by 38%, therefore the little things in your office space are needed to be thought through carefully. For coworking space owners, even adding certain colors to their spaces can create a big difference in the minds of your coworkers, the right colors can create a mood of calm and creativity. The task isn’t easy and isn’t as simple as just picking the right colors. Be it the planning, the expenses, the disruption – all of it can be overwhelming to deal with. We’re here to help you get started right and strong. Here’s how:


1. Understand your reasons for refurbishing

As a business owner, you’ve got to have solid reasons why you’re about to tear apart your space. Unlike the previous versions of office spaces that were all cubicles, modern office spaces are all about lavish, bright open spaces for people to work together. Any good office space should be able to provide both quiet and shared spaces to the employees, while also having networking and recreational opportunities. Such choices may keep your members more at ease as they work, as they don’t feel forced to adapt to one way of working. 


2. Consider Office Insulation

One of the persistent complaints that workers often tell about is how they’re always feeling cold, while there are others who are feeling hot. It can be because of the uneven draft from the air conditioners installed at your facility. While constantly having the ACs powered on can break your bank accounts, it also opens the possibilities of having effective office insulation to keep it not too chilly, but comfortably pleasant for a long time. Open ceilings give that popular industrial look that many people desire, but consider what that may do to both your HVAC performance and your energy bills. 


3. Designing Energy Efficient

A lot of business owners don’t realize it, but when you build an office that consumes less energy, it may add a lot of savings with time. Not just that, it may also take care of the environment, as well as technologically upgrade your office. For example, digitally-enabled offices can declutter your waste bins, as well as automatically control your lights, heating, and cooling. 


4. Let There be Light

Any office space can do with good natural lighting because it can hugely impact the productivity of the members. Your designers need to incorporate models that have large windows, strategically placed across your facility that allows sunlight even in the winters. You can also add hotdesks for everyone to enjoy the views and interact with the people around. 


5. Equipping the space with smart electronics

It’s always a good call to upscale your coworking space with technology that can seamlessly connect and organize things directly to your members’ schedules. This way, your employees can have full information about a certain amenity or service provided at your office right at their fingertips. Imagine the amount of hassle and additional costs having an automated system implemented as such could save. 


Office renovating can be a fun and creative process, and the opportunity itself can influence work in so many ways. Without getting sidetracked by the unrealistic standards of ‘chic’ commercial space, invest your time and money into office spaces that add value and comfort to your members’ lives.

Instead of expanding and refurbishing, you might want to consider having some of your staff use a nearby coworking space. In case you’re looking for coworking spaces that deliver the perfect balance between work and leisure, here are some of our suggestions:


Located in Mumbai, Playce offers a variety of different options, including flex seating, team seating, private cabins as well as event and meeting spaces. While sporting a more traditional office look as opposed to anything ‘modern’, they’re a great choice for people in the local area. 



Known as one of the best furnished office spaces in Kolkata, Zioks is located in the IT hub of the city, Sector V, Salt Lake. They’re renowned for their upscale coworking experience, along with high-tech offices, amenities like a gym, cafe, gaming, and even their own daycare center, making it one of the most affordable co-working spaces for solopreneurs.


Mumbai Coworking

With coworkers from the dynamic areas of creative professionals, entrepreneurs, freelancers, and corporate mentors, this creative coworking space caters to many types and features a modern, brightly colored office environment and amenities, all provided at a cost-effective rate. 


Zaraki Kenpachi