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What You Should Do After Having a New Bike?

Purchasing a high-priced bicycle is just the beginning. Your two-wheeler can be customized with a variety of accessories. This enhances the appearance of your bike. Your two-protection wheelers can also be improved with the accessories. A tank cover, an angular side-panel package, a headlight cover, and a radiator cover are included in the basic kit. Individual products, however, can differ between bikes and brands. As a result, search ahead of time to see what accessories are compatible with your bike.


Check the Guarantee or Warranty: The majority of bicycle manufacturers have a warranty on their products. This also applies to your sports bike. However, keep in mind that warranty periods differ between businesses. A typical warranty, for example, will last up to two years from the date of purchase. Check the warranty duration as well as any other warranties that the company provides. To know all about the bike features, you are requested to click here at BikeValy platform.


Checking the Service: For your bike, the first service is crucial. You must use this service within 30 days of learning to ride the bike. Many first-time owners are unsure what to do during the initial service. If you are still unsure, check to see if the company provides a free first service at a nearby service center.


Examine the Manual Carefully: Most of us take this matter for granted, despite the fact that it is one of the most important things to know about maintaining a safe bike. When do you change your engine oil? The user manual will also tell you what engine grade you should use for your bike, among other items. Examining your motorcycle is not so easy but you can click here Motorcycle Price in BD to know all about that.


Bike Security: Since a new bike is one of the most valuable assets for bikers, it’s important to consider its protection. If the bike has a disk brake, it is best to use a high-quality disk brake. It is preferable to use a chain lock or a security alarm. When you think of an electronic protection system, one thing that comes to mind is that if the device isn’t built well, there’s a risk that you’ll have trouble starting the bike.


Suspension Status: Suspension is crucial to consider, particularly if you have bought a bike that can accommodate two riders. If you are looking for a used bike, keep in mind that the previous owner might have made some changes that you will need to fix once the bike is in your hands. If your suspension is not adjusted to fit your riding style, for example, it can have a significant effect on how the ride feels.

And, in some cases, the factory environment is the safest place to ride, but it all comes down to personal preference.



It takes time to adapt to a new situation, and it’s best to pass the time patiently and wisely. As new bikers face challenges, the majority of them have very little to uphold and, on the other hand, they feel as though they are in the middle of a major crisis. Yes, it is true that a bike can have issues, and for this reason, one can take their bike to a service center. On the other hand, there are several issues that have developed over time.

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