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5 Simple Strategies to Write the Perfect Business Plan

We are living at a time where startups are thriving since a lot of people have taken up entrepreneurship. If you are someone who would like to be an entrepreneur, then it is way easier than you imagine it to be. But the basic thing you should have is a killer business plan with you. 

In this article, we will discuss some simple strategies on how a beginner can write the perfect business plan to make his or her dream come true. But before we start, remember that the foundation of entrepreneurship lies in a creative and thoughtful idea rather than making huge profits. Most of the successful entrepreneurs you will see around really wanted to change the world with their ideas.

Now let us see those strategies,

  • Spend Time With Smart People

You might have heard the saying that “ you are the average of five people you hang around with”. This is a completely true statement as all the enthusiasm, energy, positivity and creativity gets rubbed off on you if you have smart friends. Moreover, you will intellectually grow when you are around people who are always keen to discuss ideas.

The first obstacle you may have while trying to be in a group of highly intelligent people is your own ego. We all want to be the smartest person in the room and rightly so. But in reality, there are a lot of people who are way better than us in many areas. So, be a little humble and try to spend your time with highly motivated people and who knows, you may even develop a business idea with them. 

  • Always Look Forward

One of the most essential qualities of an entrepreneur is possessing a way to stay relevant in all circumstances. To hone this skill, one needs to discover alternative possibilities to evolve and reshape their respective business for tomorrow. Building strategies based on this shall surely help an entrepreneur to survive in the market even if he faces a lot of hurdles.

Moreover, try to assess whatever product or technology you have as an entrepreneur, and not just as a consumer. For example, if you are having a smartphone with you, you can always analyse what all things could be improved or upgraded in that phone. A lot of entrepreneurs have become successful, just by this quality of inquisitiveness. 

  • Find Out Problems Around You

If you can be conscious of what is happening around you, you will notice enough problems that can be a foundation for your business. All you need is to look around your home, office or store and see what all problems can be made easier by creating the right product. 

Adding to this, you can also go around and ask people about the issues they face in their daily lives. You can obtain a lot of things just by having a casual conversation with people. Moreover, you can also write out problems which are affecting you personally. 

  • Now Find a Group That Really Cares About Your Problem

It is also possible that the problems you have found out may seem insignificant to others. Hence, what you need to do is ensure that your problems are sufficiently important and urgent enough to people. Doing this shall tremendously help in determining how much people are attracted to your product.

If you can find a group of people who urgently need your product even while your work is in progress, it is a huge plus for you. Most of the startups you see nowadays emerged from this very idea we are talking about.

  • Communicate With Prospective Customers

If you are interested in creating a business idea that is in line with the market needs, you need to start talking to prospective customers. For instance, if you want to sell vape juice in your area, you can use social networks, forums and Q&A sites that attract a lot of audiences. You may also consider creating an online survey that gives you more insights into customer’s needs, insights and problems.

The whole purpose of all these methods is to determine the needs of customers when they are in a marketplace. Hence, these techniques help you narrow down your business idea and create a strategy that really works.


Though you can’t make a killer business plan overnight, you can certainly crank up the chances of having one through some brilliant tips as suggested above. Apart from applying these strategies, we also suggest you learn new things every day. This skill will ensure that your creativity is at its peak so that you can manifest whatever you want in your life.

Zaraki Kenpachi