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Importance of having a catchy name for your company

Starting up a business is not only a skill nor something everyone can do. It is an art, and there are a lot of things that one has to consider before trying to choose business as a career option. There are a lot of things to consider before starting up a business that has any scope in the future. If a person puts his time in the right things and spends his money in the right way, there is no way he cannot be successful.

Many people spend their entire lives trying to run a simple business but still fail to earn the fortune that the business promised in the first place owing to its demand. And at the same time, many young entrepreneurs turn out to be the most successful businessmen and make their names known to the entire world. The thing to consider here is how these young people win from the experienced ones who have more money and investment in their pockets? Let’s have a look at this.

There are certain things that old people might find very cliché and useless, but those things are essential for any business to run, especially in the present times. This is the area where young people beat the older ones and this is something that almost everyone who is into business or is planning to go into business is supposed to understand. Having a company set up in Dubai could be a tremendous start. Since there are a lot of things to consider, we will discuss the name of the company first.

How uselessly overrated does this thing sound to you people? How can the name of the company be so important to determine the success of the company? Let us start by an example. If a lot of people are doing the same business, how will you make sure that you become more popular among clients? How do you think that the clients are going to choose which company they should try first? All these questions seem very inconclusive, but the reality is very different.

People often choose a company that has the most attractive name. This is the general mindset of a person. Let us move back to the times when we used to make groups for school assignments or other group tasks. The first thing that came to our mind was to decide a good name for our group. There was this human psychology to back up this concern of every group to get the best title for them. Because the better the title, the more attention they are going to get. This thing is still applicable when it comes to setting up bigger companies and business startups. The company that has a catchy name unintentionally or intentionally attracts more clients. But there are certain things to consider before you choose a name for your company; these things are explained as under.

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The first thing to know is if there is any other company using the same name? It is a fact that easier catchy phrases and names are in demand and when you come up with something very fascinating and attractive you have to keep in mind the possibility that someone else might have thought of that already. But how are we supposed to know? Consider having company formation cost for your business managed easily in UAE, you have to make sure that you check the names of all the companies working in the free zone of Ajman. If you find out that some other company already has this name, then it is a better idea to abort the plan of having the same name for your company. You can change it a little if you think that you cannot find any other perfect name, but this can also create confusion.

If you plan to make your company grow internationally and you are determined to have your company known to the world, you should not limit yourself to checking the same names in the particular area that you initially start working in. This thing needs time and attention and a good businessman spends just the right amount of time doing it. Obviously wasting more time than what is necessary is not a good idea either.

Secondly, you have to choose a website name for your company; this also becomes a problem, because a catchy domain name might already be taken by some other website. There are many ways to deal with this, you can take .org, .edu, etc. extensions.

Another reason why naming your company is important is the fact that in this recent time people use social media for promotion of their business. On social media you cannot force anyone to like your page, all you can do is to pay the platform to display your name in front of potential customers and clients, it is still up to them whether or not they click on the link and open your website or page. Hence the importance of a catchy name is even more strengthened and your audience will automatically increase if you can fascinate them and attract them enough to open the link. Then you can have them look at your products and services and voila, you are in business now.

Hence we have successfully established why young people and smarter people get an edge over the others in the business. So spend the right amount of time to do this naming thing. But also make sure that you do not waste too much of your time in naming your company. Even the other important things should be given a certain amount of time because there are a lot of things to do while you’re looking forward to establishing a business. If you spend all your time to decide the name of your company you will not be able to give proper attention to running it, so be wise and play wisely. There is no shortcut to success, and no doubt these things can help you, but nothing can help you more than sheer hard work.

Zaraki Kenpachi