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8 Reasons Your Business Should Use Proxy Servers

Right from privacy and maintaining a check on your company’s web usage and activities to keeping you safe from malware and keeping your location undisclosed. High traffic limiting your customer inflow? Switch to proxies. Is the Internet providers being too stingy with your rate assistance limit? Switch to proxies. Basically, proxy servers are better than VPN’s in every conceivable way considering a business enterprise with multiple web users. Here are 8 reasons justifying why proxy servers are the best option for your business enterprise.

1. Traffic capacity

VPN is more suitable when it comes to single person usage. If you are running a business enterprise with multiple users it is hard to keep tabs on every individual through VPN. This is where proxies come in handy as they provide more security and reduce the amount of risk taken by the organization. Geonode.com is the best place to know more about proxy servers for your business enterprise.

2. Web scraping

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One of the most efficient and effective ways of collecting the required data from the internet is through web scraping. Web scraping is the process by which bots are used to collect information from different websites for your personal or professional needs. The thing about web scraping is, it is basically stealing information from different websites, therefore a lot of the websites/ web forums online from which the chosen data is harvested is usually not viewed with an open heart. For which these websites have anti-scraping tools and methods to prevent this from happening.

Whenever you are trying to get access to some information by spamming websites with requests, and if you are trying to obtain this information through dissimilar IP addresses and other such practices the anti-scraping tools quickly recognize these behaviors as suspicious and prevent the flow of data onto your hands. For somebody who uses VPN, this might seem like a problem but for people who use proxy servers, this is hardly seen as a speck in the eye. As proxy servers bypass the anti-scraping tools by making you completely anonymous. The anti-scraping tools can’t stop you from collecting data if it has no clue you are in their domain.

3. Rate limit assistance

Let’s say you visit a website with a certain amount of traffic. Exclusive of this your internet provider will have a certain limit of how much internet traffic you are allowed to go through. Meaning you could only visit or do certain actions on the website according to the limit set by your provider. This could pose quite an obstacle when you have to access vast amounts of information for your research purposes. It goes without saying that you’d want to visit ad many websites as possible for your research needs. Proxy servers help negate this limit by the utilization of several IP addresses.

4. Better user experience

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How many times have you tried to view your results through your university’s online portal and failed to do so? This is because of website traffic. When large amounts of customers/users try to access a page the traffic is more and the servers are not capable enough to handle all the traffic and therefore collapse causing a ‘server crash’. This could easily infuriate customers trying to surf through your website and might even smear your business organization’s name with a bad review. To counter this, proxy servers help make the flow of traffic smooth by making sure the website is not overpowered by traffic. Balance requests through entry points, and on top of this, it also helps cram the incoming traffic reducing bandwidth expenditure with an upshot of better speed.

5. Blocking and filtering

Running a business website comes with liberties and restrictions. Not only should you be concerned about what goes out of your website but also about what comes through. Usually, users within the company/organization are employed to monitor this activity and maintain a sense of authority. Another alternative is to maintain proxies for this. The incoming traffic could be channelled through the proxies and the admin could strike off selective pages and put up limitations on the quantity of data from selective pages. This way organizations can impactfully restrict permission to access websites of explicit/NSFW content, gambling and etc.

6. Caching

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Caching helps proxies install data at a quicker pace. Customers trying to get into sites won’t have to wait for a longer time as the proxies would have lessened the waiting. Internet connection is not essential through this process as the proxy servers would have already kept the required data downloaded.

7. Account management

Nowadays a social media account is just as essential when it comes to maintaining a business enterprise. Organizations usually open multiple accounts on a variety of platforms for this purpose. The only hindrance is if all the accounts are being operated from one source location or IP address the platform might view it as suspicious and ban such accounts. This is where proxies come into play and work their magic by keeping ur identity completely under covers allowing you to maintain as many accounts as you wish to.

8. Protection

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Each time you are online, you expose yourself to various kinds of unpredictabilities. Usually of the kind which transfers personal information such as IP addresses and other such information and uses them against you. And in a business established where there are multiple systems interconnected to each other. The percentage of risk through malware and viruses increase just as much. As discussed above (See point 5) proxy servers help you monitor and keep tabs on the usage and block off malware and other harmful web parasites.

When it comes to web researching for your business needs, collecting data without arousing suspicion is one of the key elements to hassle-free research. Proxies are the best tools to do so but one should also make sure to choose the right standard of the proxy server to run your enterprise smoothly. These are the 8 reasons justifying why proxy servers are the best option for your business enterprise. Kindly share and do post your comments.

Nina Smith