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Serverwala VPS Netherlands – Is It a Good Replacement for Shared Hosting?

Shared hosting and VPS Netherlands are two of the major hosting types. People also get confused about the choices the most as well. Beginners and people who have just started their websites or blogs may get shared servers due to their low price. But in the long run, they need something better than this. This is when you need to get a replacement for your shared server and upgrade your service plan. 

Now, The Best VPS Hosting Netherlands seems like a legitimate replacement for a shared server for various reasons. This type of hosting service is not only better than a shared server but would be ideal for your website to grow and become successful. Let’s move ahead and find out why VPS Netherlands is the best replacement for a shared server and what signs suggest you should shift your business website to VPS Server Netherlands. 

What is Shared Hosting or VPS Hosting Netherlands?

A) Shared Hosting 

Within shared hosting, you will get the server that has is shared by thousands of other websites and users. The hosting provider company put up a large number of users on the same server. This would be like sharing the same apartment with many members or sharing a computer with each member of your family. 

For the upside, shared hosting is one of the cheapest servers that you would find. As for a downside, you will get limited resources and there would be no to little flexibility. This leaves you with an environment that a be ideal for websites or blogs with low traffic surges and fewer requirements. 

B) VPS Hosting Netherlands

As for the VPS Server Netherlands, it is made to overcome the limitations or downside of a shared server. Within a VPS Hosting Netherlands, a large physical is divided into several virtual private servers the Netherlands. Each of the servers would imitate the original physical server and will act as a dedicated server as well. This means you will get a VPS all by yourself and so are the resources that you will get with it. 

A VPS Netherlands is more secured, more reliable, and more flexible than a shared server. It may as well defined as a hybrid with the qualities of both shared server and dedicated server. The price range is also reasonable and would give you the best value for your money as well. 

When to Shift Your Business from Shared Hosting to VPS Hosting Netherlands


If you are currently using a shared server for your business and thinking why you should even shift your business to another server hosting. There are a few signals that would indicate you should shift your business from shared hosting to VPS Server Hosting Netherlands. 

#1. Your website is Getting Huge Traffic

Every online business owner dream to get a higher traffic surge for the website. Even it happens, it won’t be a good thing if you don’t have the resources to handle that huge traffic surge. Shared hosting lacks resources which means it won’t be effective in handling higher traffic. This may result in crashing your site or even lagging it. 

So, if your website is getting huge traffic, then maybe it is time to switch to Cheap VPS in the Netherlands. 

#2. Your Website Deals with Sensitive Data 

When you are running a business website, it is pretty obvious that you would have a lot of sensitive information that you don’t want to get in the wrong hands. This is where you will need a secure environment that can’t be promised with shared hosting. 

So, if your business website has a lot of sensitive data about your business or customers and even the financial transaction, you may as well shift to Cheap VPS in the Netherlands. 

#3. You Are Getting Low SEO Rankings 

One of the reasons to get lower SEO rankings would be shared hosting. As the server is shared among multiple websites which contain a lot of restricted content, this can impact the rankings for your website too. So if you are constantly getting lower SEO ranks even after doing everything fine, then it might be a signal that you need to shift your business from shared hosting to VPS hosting.  

Why You Should Consider Serverwala VPS Hosting in the Netherlands


When it comes to finding the best web hosting provider in the Netherlands, you would want to invest in Serverwala. Serverwala is one of the top web hosting providers in the Netherlands that would provide you the best VPS hosting services. They have earned the trust of their customers for a long time now and gained a reputation as a reliable and powerful web hosting provider worldwide. They provide various web hosting services such as shared, dedicated, VPS, and so on. They work with a robust infrastructure that is powerful and reliable and ensures improved performance. 

Serverwala: Best and Cheap VPS Hosting Netherlands Plans & Packages


One of the reasons why you should invest in Serverwala VPS Server plans in the Netherlands is that they provide the cheapest plans for their customers. They feature various VPS plans and packages for their customers to choose from.  Serverwala offers Cheap and Best plans for every small and large-scale business. You can buy Best VPS on your own budget and boost your website performance with 99.99% uptime.

Top and Best Features of Serverwala VPS Hosting Netherlands


If you get Serverwala’s VPS in Netherlands Plan, you will get the following features: 

#1. No Setup Fee 

Serverwala won’t charge you extra to set up your account. All you have to pay for is the plan you are choosing. You have to pay once you are buying your server after you do not need to pay any amount.

#2. VPS Migration 

Serverwala ensures a hassle-free migration of your business website while you shift from shared hosting to VPS Hosting. 

#3. Full Root Access 

Serverwala gives you full root access which means you will get full control of the server. You can install any software or applications without any restrictions. You can customize your server as per your website demands.

#4. Enhanced Security 

They also ensure high-end security for their clients and their businesses. They would automatically detect the malware and virus and block them as well. You will also get database and website protection along with protection against blacklisting. 

#5. High Network Speed and Uptime

Serverwala also ensures a high network speed as well. This would mean your online business would run smoothly and efficiently without any network issues. Serverwala provides a 99.99% uptime which means your website would be always accessible to your visitors. 

#6. 24/7 Customer Support 

Serverwala makes sure their clients will always have customer support whenever they need it. Clients would be able to contact them via email, chat support, and ticket system. They offer you high-class technical support 24*7. They have a dedicated team to manage your hosting server.


Given all facts and aforementioned information, you may have realized that VPS hosting is better than shared hosting in every way thus it made sure that it is a good replacement for the latter as well. Furthermore, if you want to invest in VPS hosting with reliable performance and cheaper plans then Serverwala should be your first pick as they are undoubtedly the best VPS provider in the Netherlands. Buy VPS Hosting in the Netherlands from Serverwala Cloud Data Center and get amazing resources at affordable prices and in your own budget.

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