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Living in Chicago Guide

Chicago is one of the 3rd most significant cities in the US in terms of population. It is a happening city in the Illinois State of USA. Tourists visit here under city tour in the US. Yet, people from across the states try to settle here due to its economic development. It houses some of the major business conglomerates offices. Thus, people residing here can study, get a job, and enjoy city life to the fullest with modern civic facilities and amenities.

Getting Around in Chicago

Chicago roads have a separate bike line. It is best for city tour takers to hire a bike, roam the city, and see its skylines. The public mode of transportations is cheaper. The bus and Metro Commuter Rail are much more affordable than taxi and private car rentals. A day trip is essential if you walk and enjoy the city shopping malls and entertainment places.

Apartment options

Chicago has some of the most luxurious apartments and penthouses. Rental prices of apartments are different in all the locations. There are many apartments for rent in Chicago with different amenities and budgets. You can find yours by deciding the budget, location and facilities you need.

Climate of Chicago

Chicago experiences hot summer and cold winter seasons. It comes under the humid continental climate classification. Apart from the summer season, the rest of the seasons are favourable for dwelling in this city environment. Winter is too cold, as day and night temperatures will dip below minus degrees. Thus, the hot months are June and July. The rest of the months are normal for living in this happening city.

Nightlife in Chicago

Chicago City has many rooftop lounges, modern bars, pubs, nightclubs, and partying places for spending nightlife. Apart from DJ music, drinks, and food, nonalcoholic people can visit Chicago Symphony Orchestra at night. Yet, the foodies can taste signature foods from the dawn in the city. Chicago is a safe and secure place to spend nightlife with international tourists and people from neighbourhoods. The weekends and holidays are full, as you have to book in advance for your drinks and food.

Things to do in Chicago

Navy Pier

Once near Lake Michigan, you must visit this lakeshore side wonder place for all ages of people. It is a hangout place for the Chicago localities. Many national and international tourists visit here in all seasons. They all enjoy the entertainment facilities, parks, garden, and food and drinks available here. It is a cool place to relax and enjoy the lake vistas. Boat cruises and speedboat rides are available here.

Skydeck Chicago

This sky deck is 1353 feet high. People can view this city vista from this height. Visiting here at sunset time is the best to see the city with night-lights. This sky desk facilitates a 360-degree view from the glass on a glass floor. It will be daring to walk on it. 

Chicago Riverwalk

Enjoy the waters and its surrounding by kayaking and riverwalk once in Chicago city. It has eateries, bars and entertainment palaces alongside the Chicago River flowing in the city. It is a cool hangout place to enjoy drinks and food from the morning to midnight. Walking and crossing bridges is the best way to enjoy the facilities at both of the shores.

 Lakefront Trail

A day trip is essential to enjoy its 18.5miles trail on the shores of Lake Michigan. The summer season is crowded, as people visit here to enjoy the cool breeze from this lake. It is a busy jogging place in the morning and evening. Skateboarding is an exciting thing to do on the lakeshore. The best way to take this trail is by covering this lakeside trail’s full length. Thus, one can view the skylines of Chicago City to the fullest.


Chicago residents are blessed with many schools and colleges in this city to meet their children’s education. The 3rd largest school in the US is Chicago Public Schools. Many other private schools are there with international standards to meet the educational demands of multi-cultural people living here. The University of Chicago id most preferred and the University of Illinois are famous among fifteen universities in and around Chicago.

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