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Google my Business Reviews: The 3 Important things you need to know

Google My Business is a great tool to establish and track your company’s online presence. Google My Business includes tools that will help you manage customer reviews. Buy Google Reviews to level the playing field for your business and increase sales by getting more reviews online.

You need to learn:

(1)How to encourage customers to share reviews

(2)How to Find Your Reviews and 

(3) How to be warn when you do receive reviews

  1. How to encourage customers to share reviews

It can be difficult to get great reviews. Google My Business pages don’t offer an option to request reviews from customers. However, there is a way around. You can search for your company in Google Maps ( to get a URL that you can promote to clients.

Google Maps is the best place to start your search. At the bottom of Google maps’ company listing, you will find a link to leave a review. Copy the URL once you have reached your company’s page. Open bitly to shorten your URL. Simply enter your URL into bitly and click on Shorten. The URL you receive will be very short and easy to copy and paste onto your company’s website and emails. It makes it easier for customers to leave feedback, without needing to search for your company on Google. People will start to leave reviews if they find it easy to review your business.

  1. How to Find Your Reviews

To view and manage your Google My Business reviews you will need to visit BizBoostup. Once you log in, your Business page can be viewed. This allows you, among other things, to see and respond to feedback from your clients through Google reviews.

You can request reviews from customers if you’re new to Google My Business. It is vital that you have real reviews posted by customers on Google, as more people are turning to the internet to find reviews on everything from home repairs services to cell phones.

  1. How to be warn when you do receive reviews

You need to be aware of when reviews are posted to ensure you respond. You should quickly acknowledge all reviews, good and bad. Negative reviews are especially important and should be addressed immediately. Your company should contact the customer who is unhappy and, if possible, take the conversation offline. You want other people to be able to see your reviews and to know that if a customer is unhappy, your company will try to resolve the issue. A negative review should not be posted on the internet without any response.

There is an easy way to get alerts as soon as a review has been posted. You can receive notifications about reviews by going back to Google My Business. Look towards the bottom of your right-hand side, where you will see Settings. (There will be a gear icon beside it). Click on Settings to open the Email Notifications Page. You will find a link that says Customer reviews are about halfway down. Click the checkbox to the right of this option to receive email notifications when a customer leaves a review. This is all you have to do to get notified when a customer leaves a review.


It is crucial that your company has positive reviews online. Google My Business provides the tools to manage reviews. You can track them and respond to them. Also, you will be notified when they appear online. Although there isn’t an easy way to ask customers for reviews, smart use of the Google Maps listing can help you get those reviews.

Zaraki Kenpachi