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SEO Short-cuts and Tips To Increase Your Google Maps Rankings

Google maps has undoubtedly made life easier. Be it your favourite food order or online shopping, the delivery has become easier with the ease of navigation via maps. An additional benefit of it has been the live feature of Google maps that can even show you the amount of traffic on a given time in any given area. The pandemic has further allowed businesses to be known by their online addresses and reputations, instead of real locations.

Google Maps Rankings are a grossly misjudged and undervalued aspect of SEO.  On the surface it might seem like a convenient way to locate a business, but it inadvertently speaks volumes about the quality of your online presence and how it will affect your future conversion rates.

A better Google Maps ranking will help your business

  • To be discovered by the maximum viewership
  • To be relevant geographically so that people in your immediate surroundings can easily find your establishment.
  • To have a better online and offline reputation because of the availability of reviews


A few clever ways to gloss up on your Google Maps rankings are curated below.


  1. Confirm Your Business By Claiming It

Unclaimed businesses not only highlight the carelessness of the SEO, but also leads to a negative impact on the leads generated. People don’t trust unclaimed businesses and naturally, it leads to a lot of traffic being diverted to other options. Claim your business on Google Maps by following a few simple steps, diving into your account settings.


  1. Highlight Your Contact Number and Location

When someone is looking up your business on the map, chances are they are planning on visiting you or contacting you to place an order. You might have written your details clearly in your website, but it is important to pay equal attention to your Google Maps page because chances are, your local customers might be looking you up to contact you.


  1. Add Visual Elements

Pictures help in visualizing the place and expecting a standard. Pictures and videos help people build a sense of reliability on the business and it also helps them in picturing and anticipating the quality of the product or service. Take it as a catalogue or portfolio and treat it as such.

  1. Use Reviews

Google Maps provides the viewers with reviews of the business, both with and without ratings and comments. You can use them as tools to increase your rating by gathering enough feedback from your customers and taking it online.


  1. Add Local Keywords With Map Embed

Make sure to embed your location on Google Maps within your website, preferably on your landing page right next to your contact number and address. Your SEO services should include local search keywords for locals to find you.

  1. Create A Mobile Responsive Website

A mobile-friendly website design might not look like much on the surface, but it is actually the very foundation of increased sales. Your Google Maps should also be included in the responsive design and should make the consumer easy to adapt to the mobile view.


Consumers have evolved into intelligent buyers because of the instant knowledge and a wide selection of options present online. Personalizing your Google Maps listing with expert SEO services allows them transparency and builds trust. Your business benefits hugely with your increased Google Maps rankings, so go for it!

Zaraki Kenpachi