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Cat6 Ethernet Cables Vs Coaxial Cables

The cat6 cables are one of the most commonly used types of ethernet cable. These cables are widely used in data centers and for various other network needs. When we talk about networking cables apart from just category 6 ethernet cables, the coaxial cable also comes to our mind. These cables are designed for pretty much the same purpose i.e., networking. Most of the users don’t have a clear idea about the differences between these two network cables. For the ease of the majority, we have shared some key differences.

What Are Coaxial Cables?

Before getting deep into these differences, you should know what both these cable technologies are and what do they offer. The coaxial cables are no more just antenna cables that were used for satellites. TV applications. Though, some coaxial cable types are still used for the above-mentioned applications. But there are some advanced types that offer better speeds and have enhanced compatibility. The coaxial cable is thick copper cables that have quite thick insulation surrounding their primary conductor. The overall shielding and wire gauge of these cables are somewhat special. Usually, you won’t find such heavily shielded copper cables at such a price. Nowadays, coaxial cables are mostly being used for CCTV camera installation.

What Are Ethernet Cables?

Ethernet Cables are by far the most used network cables all over the world. These cables come in a variety of categories and jackets. The cat6 Ethernet cables are also one common example of ethernet cables. It is one category 6 cable that offers supreme performance. All the Ethernet cables have four twisted pairs. The coaxial cable doesn’t have any specific number of pairs. The twisted pairs in ethernet cable can be either shielded or unshielded. These pairs are twisted pairs meaning that these cables perform better at maximum lengths.

Differences between Coaxial Cables and Ethernet Cables:

The Difference in Outer Shielding:

Coaxial cables are known for their thick outer coating. As discussed above, the ethernet cables offer the best performance due to their thick outer jacket. When we talk about Ethernet cables. there is no such thick outer jacket there. The thickness of Ethernet cable varies from category to category.

More Flexible Cabling Option:

The coaxial cables are a more flexible cabling option compared to ethernet cables. This is one primary reason why they are used in home CCTV and other application installation. The Ethernet Cables aren’t that bad when it comes to flexibility but at the same time, they aren’t that good too.


So, the cat6 cables are different from the coaxial cables. The primary differences such as their construction, use age, and technical specifications have been discussed above for the convenience of the users. In short, both these cables can be used for local area networking. Their use age may vary depending upon the needs of the end-user. So, you as a user have to make the final decision based on your network requirements.

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