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7 reasons to buy wifi smoke alarms

Smoke alarms are an incredible invention that saves many lives from fire. Basically, they notify the users whenever a fire breaks within their coverage area. Thus, people can escape easily instead of getting trapped in smoke or flames. This post covers some reasons why you should give these fire alarms a try. Let’s dive in:


A wifi smoke detector utilizes modern photoelectric smoke-sensing technology to sense fumes. Conventional detectors only identify conditions with too much smoke. Unlike them, wifi nodes feature heat sensors for increased heat detection. As a result, they can predict fire accidents even if there is no smoke. They hardly give false alarms. So, you can rely on them undoubtedly. You can also check the emergency’s type, location, time and find out the safe routes to go out. 

Instant alert  

The best thing about a smoke alarm is that it takes action immediately. As soon as it detects unusual heat intensity or smoke, it makes a sound. If the home is empty, it sends the fire incident’s details to the registered authorities. Some models send emergency service requests to nearby fire brigades instantly. 

24/7 monitoring

Many people die every year because of late-night fire breakouts. They get covered by smoke before waking up and face tragic deaths. Fire alarms are beneficial in these situations. They monitor the environment  24/7 for constant protection. Users no longer have to worry about their home when they go on vacation or extra work shifts.

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Easy to install

Wireless services don’t require multiple physical connections. Therefore, you can complete the setups within minimal time. The finishing does not look messy because you don’t have to use long cables. If you are not satisfied with the locations, feel free to reinstall them anywhere else. It won’t take much time to reactivate. There is no need to take professional help. 

Quick modification

All wifi gadgets work within a limited range, but you can enlarge it by using more products. Hence, use as many fire alarms as you need to cover the entire house. Although they operate independently, they can interconnect for better protection. If any device stops working, you can remove or replace it without hampering the whole network. 

Less maintenance

Smoke alarms don’t need daily maintenance. As they are not dependent on the active power supply, don’t worry about the power source or backup. Your protection system will be available during power cuts. Just make sure to keep checking the configurations and buttons after a few weeks. Test its functionalities sometimes. If any part of this system includes batteries, you may have to replace them once a year. 

Low cost

Wifi smoke alarms are not too expensive to buy. Since they don’t use cables, you can save a lot of money. However, the bigger your house or office is, the more smoke alarms you will need. But the cost will be way lower than similar wired approaches. Besides, you can install them yourself rather than calling a professional. All you have to do is to follow the instructional manual. In this way, it saves some more bucks.

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