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A Simple Guide to Preventing Negative Reviews

Reviews can make or break your business. 82% of customers read reviews before buying a product.

If you just opened a new business, reviews could be the reason you make it past the first year (or not).

It is crucial to avoid negative reviews and build up positive ones. Keep reading, and we’ll tell you how to do just that.

Benefits of Reviews

Positive reviews are the best way to build buzz for your business, since new customers trust each other more than they trust you.

For advertising that seems completely unbiased and trustworthy, consumers look to reviews. The best ad campaign in the world won’t offset the effect of a slew of bad reviews.

On the opposite side of that coin, no ad campaign will work better than positive reviews.

Just think about this: when was the last time you bought a new product online without reading any reviews? Chances are, you can’t even remember.

Impact of Negative Reviews

Negative reviews are one of the most deadly threats that new businesses face. If a customer has a negative experience with your business, they are likely to jump onto the nearest online review site and tell the whole world about it.

Regardless of whether or not a bad review is fair, it is going to impact your business.

Customers don’t know your side of the story; all they know is how interacting with your business made them feel. Their reviews are the first impression of you that potential customers will have.

Responding to Reviews

Replying to reviews can be a great way to boost your public image. This can work whether the review you respond to is positive or negative.

Responding to a positive review is great because it forms an even closer bond between you and that customer. Plus, new customers can see it and marvel at how caring your business seems to be.

Responding to negative reviews can help you save face in a significant way.

If a customer has a complaint, you should respond to their review and tell them that you want to do everything you can to rectify their bad experience.

You can put a positive spin on a negative review by turning into an opportunity to show off your great customer service.

How to Get Reviews

There are a couple of great ways to get reviews for your business. This is especially important if your business is new to the market.

You can give your customers incentives for leaving reviews of your service. For example, some clothing stores give customers discount points in exchange for reviews.

You can also simply buy positive reviews of your store. This may seem dishonest, but there is nothing wrong with it.

If you are a new business, you might not get any customers until you have positive reviews online. Think of it not as lying, but as giving your business a chance at success.

Get Positive Reviews Today

Now that you know more about how to avoid negative reviews, don’t wait to start growing your business. You’ll need customer reviews to build up a loyal following.

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Zaraki Kenpachi