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All About Makeup Artists in Australia

Can a Makeup Artist do all the things they say they can? That’s impossible! Not even close. Just like your favorite Barbie, the best you can hope for is to have fun doing what you love while having a good time looking good doing it.

To be honest, my husband thought I was nuts when I first told him I wanted to become a make-up artist. But only on other people. Because most people that have made the big bucks have no idea how actually to apply it well. No eyeliner, no liner, no airbrush technique…I’m your typical young kajal, or lip balm type of gal.

So how exactly does someone that has no experience in makeup apply their skills to become the most talented wedding makeup artist there is? Simple, with an airbrush. That’s right, someone that doesn’t have any experience applying makeup can purchase an airbrush and learn the proper techniques of applying makeup and getting awesome results. Now, this may sound like an airbrushing method (airbrush is simply a tool for applying makeup over a canvas) and yes, I know it sounds like it goes against all the myths of airbrushing, but it’s not. It’s really just another step in the long process of becoming a professional makeup artist.

One of the first things a Best Makeup Artist in Australia will need is an airbrush gun. There are different guns available and depending on how the Makeup Artist wants to look, they may choose a different gun than another Makeup Artist. An example of this would be if the Makeup Artist is going to do some work with a bit more color than they normally would then they may want to purchase a gun that can handle colors much higher than other Makeup Artists may use. Also the Makeup Artist may decide that they want a full set of brushes (somewhere to put down liquid makeup as well). A makeup artist will start looking around for the best airbrushing gun for their needs then once they find the right one, they will buy one for their home studio.

Once the makeup artist has all the necessary equipment and tools they will need to start finalising one makeup artist at a time. A good way to do this is to first do a search on the internet and see what other freelance makeup artists that you like to follow and look up their websites to see what they have to say about them. Another way is to approach family and friends and see if anyone has a recommendation for a Makeup Artist that they are familiar with and would recommend to you. If not, then a Makeup Artist that doesn’t have a reference from a friend might not be the best Makeup Artist for you, even though their friends might think they are the best. If no one has ever recommended a Makeup Artist, then it may be a good idea to pass on that Makeup Artist’s name and look for another Makeup Artist. By doing this you are keeping your options open and making sure to get the Makeup Artist that is best for you in the end.

When looking into a Makeup Artist, you will want to make sure that they are a registered professional with the Better Business Bureau. They should also have a website that they can be found on, so be sure to check that out as well. A good place to check to see how experienced a Makeup Artist is and how long they have been in the industry is by looking online at different forums where brides discuss the make up artists that they use and the opinions that others have. You can also ask friends that you know if they have any recommendations of local Makeup Artists.

Many people are intimidated by the idea of a Makeup Artist’s fee, but you should realize that the prices charged by different Makeup Artists fluctuate based on how long it will take for them to complete your trial run. If you are pressed for time, you may just want to schedule your trial run a week or two ahead of time. For instance, some makeup artists will set your appointment for no less than a full week in advance, while other professionals will charge you a few days in advance. This is why it is better to call around and find out how much time you have before your wedding day so you will be able to book the trial run that works best with your budget.

One last thing that you may want to look into when finding a Makeup Artist for your wedding is the type of eye shadow that they use. Most Makeup Artists that work in New York will offer you an extensive line of eye shadow products, which is ideal for your Wedding Day. Some of the Makeup Artists specialize in highlighting your eyes while others will highlight your entire face. The type of eye shadow product that you choose should really depend on what type of Makeup Artist you are hiring. A Wedding Makeup Artist will offer you professional services that make you feel comfortable and satisfied that your Makeup will come out looking the way you want.

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