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Make-up your eyes: tips & tricks for the perfect look

No question about it, every woman has beautiful eyes. But nobody has anything against it with a few simple tricks to emphasize your own advantages. And who doesn’t dream of big, shining eyes? The good news: With simple eye make-up tricks, you can give nature a boost – and make your own eye color shine or make your eyes look bigger.


  1. How can you make your eyes bigger?
  2. Makeup brown eyes
  3. Makeup blue eyes
  4. Makeup green eyes
  5. Makeup gray eyes
  6. Step by step make-up instructions for eye make-up
  7. Make-up tips for women who wear glasses

1. How can you make your eyes bigger?

In addition to your own color preferences and eye color, choosing the right eye make-up also depends on the shape of your eyes. With the right tools, small eyes can be made to look bigger, large eyes can be perfectly emphasized and eyes that are narrow or wide apart can be concealed. That’s how it’s done:

Make small eyes bigger: 

Strong eyelid lines are not ideal and are quickly overwhelming, it’s better to set fine accents. In addition: Emphasize the inner waterline of the eye with a light kohl – this emphasizes the whites of the eyes and makes them look bigger immediately!

Emphasize big eyes:

Those who have been blessed by mother nature with big eyes can put them in the limelight with eyeliner or kohl. An eyeliner on the upper lid and a little kohl on the lower waterline make big eyes shine. 

Close-set eyes:  

In order to optically cheat some space between the eyes, it is important to emphasize the eyes more outwardly. In addition, eyeliner should only be applied to the outer lash line.

Wide-apart eyes:  

In contrast to eyes that are close together, you should emphasize the inner eye areas more. An eyeliner that is drawn thicker from the inner corner of the eye to the middle and thinner towards the outside is the method of choice.

Almond-shaped eyes: 

Eyeliner is the perfect tool here and makes almond-shaped eyes shine . A dynamic curve at the end of the eyeliner brings out the shape of the eye particularly beautifully!

2. Makeup brown eyes

Almost any color of eyeshadow goes well with brown eyes. We recommend warm color nuances and earth tones, which ideally range between your own skin color and eye color (delicate cream, nude and brown tones) – then the look is particularly natural and harmonious. Strong, cold colors such as blue, turquoise or purple make the eyes shine and metallic tones also achieve a great effect. Gold tones in particular harmonize with brown eyes and put them in the limelight in a glamorous way. But bronze, copper and silver also create dazzling light reflections – ideally, they are only used to set light highlights. Light brown and green-brown eyes can be perfectly highlighted with dark green eye shadows.


On the other hand, shades with a high proportion of red or yellow are less suitable – the eye make-up here quickly looks pale or sickly. But the use of right colored red eyeliner is also a great choice. Black eyeshadow also often looks too dark in combination with brown eyes and light skin – gray or anthracite are therefore better suited.

3. Makeup blue eyes

For blue eyes, as for any other eye color, by the way, complementary colors are best suited to make the iris glow. Colors like bronze, brown, orange, lilac, gray and shimmering nude tones make blue eyes really shine. Shimmering rosé nuances and delicate nude tones as well as gray and brown tones look particularly natural. But rusty tones, terracotta brown and apricot also achieve great effects, just like metallic looks in gold or silver. A nice contrast to dark blue eyeshadow is light kohl on the lower lash line, it makes the eye look bigger.


Black, blue and green tones, however, are less suitable. They are quickly overwhelming and make the view look pale and cloudy. 

4. Makeup green eyes

Green eyes are a real rarity, because they only occur in 2 percent of all people worldwide. Pure green is even rarer, because the iris often contains brown, gray or blue color accents that make the eye color even more exciting. You should also pay attention to these color inclusions when choosing the color of your eye make-up, because too many shades of color can quickly appear covered with make-up. Therefore, “less is more” applies to green eyes. Green eyes need warm colors: Earth tones such as brown, beige, ocher or khaki are ideal companions. But shimmering copper tones, bronze or gold are also absolutely recommended, as are pink eyeshadow looks or violet nuances with a high proportion of red, which are particularly exciting. The skin tone also plays a role: the darker the skin color, the better the strong colors.


Cold colors like blue or turquoise, on the other hand, make green eyes appear dull and dull. Yellowish eye shadow also likes to make its wearer look sickly. 

5. Makeup gray eyes

As a mixed form of blue and green, gray eyes are rare – and sometimes appear a bit colorless. With the right eye make-up, you can make them shine. And the best? Almost any color goes well with gray eyes, depending on the individual color shades in the eye. If the tones are more green, eyeshadows are suitable, which are also suitable for green eyes. If the blue dominates, you can use the tips for blue eyes as a guide. Otherwise, you should choose berry (pink to pink, lavender to violet), gold or earth tones, which perfectly underline the cool eye color. 


On the other hand, eye shadows in pastel colors and very light shades are less suitable – they offer too little contrast to gray eyes!

6. Step by step make-up instructions for eye make-up

  • Prime the face with a moisturizer and foundation
  • Apply concealer that is one or two shades lighter than your own skin color to the lower eyelid and hide dark shadows. In addition, apply in the inner corners of the eyes and under the highest point of the eyebrow, this ensures an alert look 
  • Apply eyeshadow base to the eyelid to extend the life of the eye make-up.
  • Apply eye shadow in a light shade to the entire lid, then apply a darker shade to the movable lid. Blend both well with a make-up brush . 
  • If you want, you can now draw an eyeliner with eyeliner or accent it with a kohl pencil. Our tip: Do not always use black eyeliner and kohl, but also use brown, blue, turquoise or anthracite to match the shade of the eyeshadow. 
  • For the right curve of the eyelashes, they are first shaped with an eyelash curler and then covered with mascara . Here you can vary and for a subtle look, for example, only emphasize the upper eyelash fan.
  • For a radiant look: don’t forget your eyebrows!


7. Make-up tips for women who wear glasses

The glasses and their glasses swallow some of the color. When it comes to eye make-up, women who wear glasses are allowed to apply a little thicker than women without glasses. The first look should be on the glasses and the question: shortsighted or farsighted?

Make-up with glasses for nearsighted people

Glasses with minus lenses make the eyes look smaller. You can counteract this with the right eye make-up. It is best to opt for light, pastel-colored eye shadows. They open the eye and make it look bigger. In the direction of the brow, the crease of the eyelid should be shaded a shade darker and the upper lash line should be emphasized with eyeliner. Since glasses and frames swallow a lot of paint, apply the eyeshadow forcefully and use eyeliner to increase the magnifying effect. Then apply vigorously. In addition, you can emphasize the inner waterline on the eye with a light kohl – so the eye immediately appears larger.

Make-up with glasses for farsighted people

Farsighted women with glasses have the advantage that their eyes appear larger through the plus lenses. Of course, this should not be counteracted – except in exceptional cases with very high diopters. In these cases, matte eyeshadows in muted colors help.


Since small irregularities are immediately noticeable through the glasses, the eyeshadow should be distributed very carefully for an even effect. You should also be discreet when applying eyeliner, as the lenses quickly create the impression of a thick bar. 

Make-up glasses as a useful tool

Many women with glasses have the problem that they cannot see themselves properly in the mirror while applying makeup. There is a great tool for this, make-up glasses, with which the glasses can be folded up individually, separately from each other. So you can see yourself in the mirror with one eye while the other is being made up.


Zaraki Kenpachi