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Why You Have To Use Edutainment Technology

Today, more people have access to smartphones than to clean toilets. Technology is evolving at a fast pace and has become a key part of our lives. Today we can find everything about the future of technology in this article.

What is Edutainment

Edutainment is a form of educational entertainment that combines education with entertainment. The term was probably coined by Rae Pica “in the early 1990s”. According to Rae Pica, “edutainment is the convergence of education and technology into a new paradigm… edutainment provides an open environment where children, as well as adults, can have fun learning.”

“The first recorded use of ‘edutainment’ was in 1988 by Joe Dager – who founded the International Center for Family Enterprise (ICFE), which still operates today. On September 12, 1988, Dager wrote: “At ICFE, we are constantly using both forms [of education]. When appropriate, we merge to create Educational Entertainment. We call this process ‘edutainment.'”

Wikipedia explains that “Educational entertainment is media designed to educate through entertainment and a term used as early as 1954 by Walt Disney. Most often it includes content intended to teach but has incidental entertainment value.”

Today you can find Edutainment everywhere around you. Many schools and universities try to add more computers and technology to make the learning process more interesting for the students. 

Edutainment in the future

There will be some amazing things that will become possible in the future because of science and technology.

People should start thinking about adapting to these changes to make their lives easier, better, and happier. 

The fact that there are some unknowns about the future only shows us what an interesting time this is for everyone alive and kicking – so it’s a good idea to get excited and embrace whatever happens with open arms.

Zaraki Kenpachi