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Reasons UK Noticed a Rise in Mattress and Bed Sales amidst Lockdown

So, when Boris Johnson declared the first stay at home regulation in the United Kingdom, people started spending their full day in their abodes. Well, a year later, people still stand here. So, unsurprisingly, as a nation, the interest of people moved to improve their interiors. As per Google reports, searches for interior decoration were higher in the year 2024. But, apart from interior décor, another thing which witnessed a rise in sales was mattresses and bed sales. Some of the reasons for it are given below:


Well, who doesn’t want to make their home comfy, cozy, and functional? And, when people spent most of their day at home during the lockdown, they actually spent time, money, and energy improving their space.

Bedroom being the focal point of the house, grabbed all the attention. Thus, people started replacing their important furniture pieces with healthier and more relaxing options. 

What more added to this trend was the rise of interior décor accounts on social media which literally inspired everyone to go for a bedroom makeover.

Spending a major chunk of your day in bed

During lockdown, a lot of people spent a major part of their day in bed. A lot of the working-class worked from home on their beds and even spent their leisure hours binging on Netflix on their bed.

By spending so much time in bed, a lot of Brits realized that their bed and mattresses weren’t very comfortable and were possibly old. This motivated too many people to get rid of their old mattresses and buy a good upgrade.

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Work from home

The government ordered the country’s workforce to work from home. Though people wanted to invest in a desk and chair, not all had the space to fit this equipment. Hence, a lot of people suffered from joint aches and back pain. 

This made them realize that their mattress wasn’t supporting them in the right manner, either because it wasn’t the right kind or it was very old. And this is why a big part of the working class invested in new mattresses to manage their work from home efficiently.

Sleep habits

Sleeping habits of a lot of people got disturbed during the first lockdown. After the rise in cases of Coronavirus, a lot of people suffered from anxiety and stress and noticed a disturbance in their sleep. However, once things got a little easy and people realized that their health was suffering because of lack of sleep, they started looking for the best mattresses and bed sale clearance in lockdown.


People noticed a spike in their obsession with cleaning during the lockdown. They took every step to keep their homes clean and families secure. Hence, they literally disposed of their bad bed and mattresses and bought new ones as a precautionary measure.

Lastly, the companies noticed an immense rise in their sale and started giving mattress and bed sale clearance during lockdown. If you are looking to buy a new bed or mattress online, then Divan Bed Furnishers is your one-stop solution. We will be more than happy to help you find your best bed.

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