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Secrets Any Employer Will Never Tell You About Android Monitoring Software

When we all started to work from home last year we were being informed through a one-line email that the organization is planning to use employee monitoring software for smooth delivery of work from home. It was being told that it is for the better cybersecurity and management of assigned tasks. We were not told about the details etc. So when I got the email the curious soul in me tried to know more about the android monitoring software and employee monitoring features. 

Well, long story short it is more than what it appears, and believe me, it is not a that bad thing. The stigma around the use of employee monitoring features by the employees is just spread by some bad or lazy workers I guess. It is not only beneficial for employers but can be useful for us employees as well. The software used by the organization is OgyMogy and it no doubt offers one of the best employee monitoring features.

 So here are the things which any employer will never tell you about employee monitoring software but every employee must know. 

How It All Works:

So many of my colleagues did not know about the spy app thing and feared that this might be some kind of attack in their personal life and device. Well, it’s completely fine and legal to monitor the work-related activities of the employees through company-owned devices. Whether t is a smartphone, a tablet, or a desktop. laptop if it is given by the company then it is their right to monitor every happening that is done through these devices. 

The OgyMogy spy app has an online web portal. All the surveillance recordings are saved on these dashboards or web portals for the users. Boss or employer can access that web portal at any given time to check the recording details. The spy app even lets the user download any video as well for any official or unofficial purpose.

Now let’s talk about some silent features.

Your Screen Is Being Watched:

One of the most silent features offered by the OgyMogy spy app is the screen recording feature. It let the user watch the screen of any target employee in real-time. Thus an employer can know about your screen activities san can check your work progress in detail with the complete time stamp information Th best part is that not only just real-time monitoring, these features record every screen activity in the form of short videos and snapshots. I  was pretty happy with this feature as now the boss will know when Mr. Sharma will force me to do his work. 

You CanNot Watch Football Game With Work:

Most of us were pretty relaxed when we started working from home.  There were online shopping, football games, sports websites, and even online games as well. But with android monitoring software you must avoid all kinds of useless activities. Boss can check the complete browsing history of the target employee. The tracking web browsing history feature can spill all your secrets thus be careful during working hours.

BookMark Folder Is Just For Work-Related Content:

An employer can access the bookmark folder of the employee and know all about the frequently visited sites in detail. 

Illegal Sharing Of Confidential Images Is A Crime:

OgyMogy spy app offers access to the photo gallery of the target device. One can unlock all the photos even if they don’t know the password. Make sure you do not capture or download any illegal or unethical image or photo that must be kept confidential. This feature reminds all the employees to make sure the official gadget is just used for work purposes and no one uses the device for any kind of personal photography. 

OgyMogy android spy app offers separate versions for Mac and Windows users as well. One must physically access the target device at the time of installation of the software. But after that, remote access is granted and all the monitoring can be done smoothly without any interruption. The features are offered in the form of a package or set so the user is free to select the package that contains most of the desired and needed features.

Zaraki Kenpachi