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5 Tips For Managing Remote Employees With Intranet Software

Remote working has become an almost common thing in recent years. This way of work is known to us from before – but with the start of the pandemic, there was a massive transition to remote work. Although remote work may seem easier than going to work every day – don’t be fooled. For a remote team to function well, management must be almost perfectly organized. Here we come to the question of using intranet software that can help you better manage remote employees.

Remote Work Requires Good Organization

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Remote work has become almost a part of everyday life today. Although this mode of operation has been known since before – its expansion has been particularly noticeable since the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic and the transition to work from home due to lockdown.

However, even in a situation where we can go back to the old model of work – many companies have decided to stay and work on the remote modality. Why? There are many reasons for that, and above all, there are economic reasons.

Namely, if you organize remote work well – you will achieve significant savings. No more long and expensive commuting to work – and besides, it saves a lot on office space, equipment, and other things.

In addition, there is a noticeable greater satisfaction of employees who, in cooperation with management, can organize their time more flexibly. Certainly, for something like this to work well in practice – good organization is necessary.

Business Organization With The Help Of Intranet Software

Organizing remote work is not easy for management, no matter what kind of work the company performs. Therefore, we should rely on technology, by using Intranet software. And what is Intranet software and how to use it properly?

Intranet portal is an internal place for informing employees, submitting and processing requests, exchanging knowledge, accessing company documents, collecting feedback – and applying all methods and techniques to strengthen team spirit.

Regardless of the physical location of the workplace, the Intranet software enables employees to be informed in a timely and valid manner. Of course, to achieve the desired results in business – you need to know how to manage remote employees with the help of such software.

We don’t only mean technical training, but also some other things that can be useful to you. Therefore, here are tips on how to better manage remote employees with the help of Intranet software.

Use the available tools

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This is useful even when you don’t have employees who work remotely – but it seems especially important when you work on that model. Namely, every remote employee needs tools because they must do their job on time and well. For management to be informed about that – things like file sharing, notes, and the like are necessary.

If we reduced all that communication to sending by email – it would take us almost twice as long, and mistakes would be inevitable. Therefore, such tools incorporated into your Intranet software are simply a must-have. What is reassuring about the whole story is the fact that today we have a bunch of such free online tools that will help us in our work – and increase the productivity of our employees.

Use video and audio

When you work remotely with employees, it can be a bit non-personal. In addition, if you reduce all communication to typing text – you will find yourself in a situation of being suddenly overwhelmed with messages, documents, files to be shared, etc.

Therefore, it is always recommended that you use other forms of communication that only the best Intranet software can provide – such as audio and video. In addition to having more personal communication with your remote employees – you can also use these forms for the needs of inter-collegial agreements, discussions, and even the organization of training or webinars for your employees. We don’t even have to say how much it will relieve you of unnecessary typed material that would otherwise quickly pile you up.

Control the work of employees

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Many business owners who have remote employees do not have much time to look at the documentation and management reports – to see how productive their workers are. The goal of every business owner is to keep work running smoothly and keep the efficiency at the desired level – even though employees work remotely.

So if you take a look at  https://agilityportal.io/product/intranet-software-for-small-business, you will see that Intranet software is perhaps the best way to have insight and control into employee productivity.

In addition, in case of some ambiguities, you can always have personal communication with employees – regardless of their distance. Remote employees have the opportunity to make their way of working flexible – but this must not affect the results of their work. Therefore, Intranet software will also be useful in setting business requirements and deadlines.

Regular meetings and briefings

This is necessary for the work of every company, regardless of whether they have permanent employees who come to the office or remote employees. Sometimes it is difficult due to daily commitments to find time to come to the office to hold only one meeting – or briefing that will last about 15 minutes or less.

Therefore, Intranet software can help you a lot. You can attend a meeting or briefing from anywhere – without having to come to the office. Also, if you cannot be present yourself, you can authorize one of the managers – with precise instructions on the agenda items of the meeting. You can record the entire meeting and have precise insight into the agreed details.

Invest in good Intranet software

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Everything we have listed is equally important, and you can only achieve that with good intranet software – which you have to upgrade from time to time. Technology follows your needs, but you also need to be aware that it requires certain investments. So don’t skimp on good software.

Your initial idea may be to save on employee travel or office space – but you need to be aware that investing in Intranet software is an investment in you that should ultimately bring you a profit.


When you hire remote workers, you are aware that their work is more flexible than those who come to the office every day. However, this doesn’t necessarily mean that remote workers will be less productive. On the contrary! Some research has shown that this way of working can significantly improve productivity because it puts less pressure on employees.

However, to make it easier for yourself and your employees, and to have control over your own business – you need good Intranet software. It is always worth investing in it because, in the end, it will pay you off.

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