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Best phone tracking app that you need to know

The use of cell phone tracking services has come to new heights in the last few years. It has broken the new strides, especially after the massive turnaround of technological advancements that have altered the dynamics of communication all the way for everyone. 

This has changed the way businesses communicate and conduct their operations, and going in the same channel; the parents have also found it difficult to keep a check on their kids in the digital space. 

With this discussion unfolding, the parents and employers aim fully look to find a way out that can serve them in monitoring their kids and employees. Phone tracking is somehow the only solution that can curtail all the pressing concerns of the corporate owners and guardians of the kids. 

There can be multiple ways to track a phone; we will be discussing the most feasible out of them here.

Problems related to kids 

  • Cyber bullying
  • Harassment 
  • Cyber predating
  • Sex offending
  • Viewing inappropriate content 

Problems for employers 

  • Lack of productivity
  • Workplace harassment 
  • Cyber attacks on the businesses 

Ways for tracking a phone 

1. Manually monitoring the target user

The instant pop-up in one’s mind when talking about any type of monitoring dialectics is manually monitoring the intended user. This is incorporated by the end-user through physically remaining around the intended user. 

But this doesn’t find a decent application in the discussed perspectives. Employers and parents always have professional and social commitments to catch on, which they cannot uphold for the sake of monitoring their kids and employees. So, the said solution is discarded and cannot be assimilated in the current situation. 

2. Using hardware devices like CCTC and transmitters

The CCTV (close circuit TV) cameras and other data transmitting devices can be used for monitoring purposes, but the problem is that they are more prone to be exposed to the target users. If the whole activity gets exposed, it can massively impact the balance of relationships among the concerned parties. So, the said solution cannot be incorporated either.  

3. Using phone tracking application 

The experts suggest that the best and ultimate solution for tracking and monitoring the activities of target users is by using phone tracking. An efficient cell phone tracking facility tracks and logs each and every bit of communication taking place on the target cell phone, thus enabling the end-user to keep a strong security and monitoring protocol.

There are number of such services in place that seek to spy on cell phone activities remotely, but the best in business is TheOneSpy. It has a number of promising features that extensively address all the concerns of parents and employers. 

The app does all the spying without any clue to the target user, as if the intended user gets to know of the spying activity, it can be hard to handle the situation. The android spy app can be installed on android devices without any hassle. 

The key features of the spy app are as follows. 

TheOneSpy – Significant features  

Social media tracking through TheOneSpy

This allows tracking of all the chats, multimedia, voice notes, and other related stuff exchanges over all the social networking apps. This provides a fair insight of all the take-ups of the target cell phone to the parent and employer. 

VoIP and video calls play a significant role in communication. The end-user can listen to these calls in real-time, alongside recording them for later reference.

Keylogger identifies

The keylogger identifies the password of the installed programs on the target phone, thus enabling the end-user to get a true picture of communication.

Phone call recording

The incoming and outgoing phone calls can be recorded without any hassle. The calls can be saved to the online web portal of the app. 

Screen recording

This feature of the phone tracking application monitors all the screen activities over the target device in real-time.

Surround recording 

The surround recording features bugs the mic or front or back camera of the target device to know about the real-time surroundings of the child or employee. 


There are a number of phone tracking services, but the stand out of them is TheOneSpy; it addresses all the concerns and reservations of parents and employers all the way.

Zaraki Kenpachi