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How to choose a granite countertops supplier

If you have gone through selecting a material and design for your granite countertops, the next step is to find a granite countertop supplier. You’ll want the best quality products for your bathroom or kitchen countertops, and you need a professional who can install them smoothly.

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To help you choose a supplier and installer for your kitchen or bathroom countertops once you’re ready, here are a few things to consider as you research and make your final choice.

steps to choose granite countertops supplier

1- Take advice:

A friend or family member may have recently installed granite countertops in their home. In that case, you can ask them which supplier and installer they used, what their experience was with them, and if they would recommend them. If they weren’t happy with the service or the company’s results, you might want to remove them from your list.

2-The right product:

When looking for a countertop supplier, the main requirement is to provide the type of stone you have chosen for your kitchen or bathroom. Ask any potential supplier for their products and ask to see their stock to verify that they meet your standards.

3- The right price:

Of course, budget is also an important factor when choosing a supplier and installer of ceilings. Ask for quotes from the contractors you are evaluating so that you can compare their offers. If you tell contractors that you get quotes from multiple companies, they’re more likely to develop a competitive deal to earn your custom.

4- Check their login details:

It’s not just a question of price, of course; you don’t want to go for the cheapest option if they don’t provide the quality. Check if they have professional accreditations to ensure their credibility. It’s also worth asking to see examples of their past work to demonstrate the quality of their service, as well as reviews and testimonials from past clients. Online review sites like can help you see the pros and cons of potential entrepreneurs.

5- Ask for referrals or advice:

It’s always a good idea to ask your family and friends who were responsible for their renovations. Visit them to see the installation’s quality, ask them for details about the installer and vendor they used, how happy they were with the installation, and if they would recommend their services. Gather as many details as you can about the professional granite countertop installation company, including reviews, reliability, and previous experience.

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6- Make sure they have the product you want:

You need to make sure that the supplier you are looking for has the type of stone you have selected. You can ask potential suppliers what kind of products they stock and see if that meets your needs.

7- Look at the technology they use:

Check whether or not the equipment and technology used by the manufacturer are sufficient for your needs. Be sure to use computerized digital models to make sure your countertop fits perfectly in the kitchen. A reliable countertop installation company always has the latest equipment to ensure that granite can be perfectly cut into the shape needed. This equipment minimizes the risk of potential damage and waste and ensures that the countertop is cut smoothly.

8- Go through the wallet:

Check out their portfolio to see the type of projects they have worked on in the past. Tip: If all the photos look similar, it means they are only good for installing and repairing pre-cut countertops.

9- Talk to them about the seams, cuts, and edges:

Suppose your project requires the assembly of multiple pieces of the slab. In that case, professional installation companies usually do a thorough assessment of the batch you purchased to ensure that they can create a uniform-looking surface that presents the same patterns as those you will find on your plaques. When discussing edging, they offer aesthetically attractive options depending on the type of cabinetry you have and the capabilities of the stone you purchased.

10- Ask them about waterproofing and finishing:

This point also applies to those who have purchased complete countertops that come with granite countertops preinstalled. The last step is usually to seal and finish the surface of the stone. Beware of the services of companies that offer to reseal and polish granite countertops for an additional cost. This can be easily done using a regular granite sealer, which has been certified for normal household use.

11- Visit their showroom/installation:

Most granite countertops supplier and installation companies offer in-house services where they bring small samples to your home to select the colors for your liking. While this may sound awesome, it is not without its drawbacks. For example, the granite samples they bring and the granite they install on the kitchen countertop can vary widely. The quality and appearance of granite differ between each batch.

Even the same granite slab may appear differently in different sections. This is because granite is not produced artificially, and therefore there is no control over its actual appearance. The best solution is to choose the granite slab with the least variation. It has a cool and attractive look, which can only do by visiting the granite factory. Or the installation company showroom of granite.


Selecting a local manufacturing company to handle your granite countertops installation can help ensure that your kitchen has a perfect look you’ve always envisioned for it. Go over these considerations before you focus on a granite installation business, and you will be fine.

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