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4 Reasons You Must Consider Lead and Asbestos Inspection

As much useful lead and asbestos have been in construction industry for centuries, there is no denying the fact that both metals are extremely hazardous for human health. Therefore, it is important to know the risks related to lead and asbestos, so that you can protect yourself and surroundings from their harmful effects. This article discusses 4 reasons you must consider lead and asbestos inspection so that you can take preventive measures to improve your household health and safety.

1. Lead and Asbestos Cause Major Health Problems

The presence of lead and asbestos can be gravely dangerous for health. People are susceptible to its hazards as they might inhale powdered form of these metals or they can ingest it orally. Highly toxic to the respiratory system of human bodies, lead and asbestos can also make their way to human body by simply coming in contact with skin from where they penetrate into the body. The presence of small amounts of these metals may reside in body for years without showing any noticeable signs or symptoms. However, an increased amount of these metals in blood and body leaves obvious negative health effects. These can be abdominal pain, headaches, shortness of breath, cough, muscle or joint pain, fatigue, mood changes, and cognitive impairment.

The presence of these metals in body can cause infertility in men, and miscarriages for pregnant women. It can also lead to birth defects and under-weight problem in newborns. While exposure to lead and asbestos is highly dangerous for humans overall, children are gravely affected by them. They can cause listening impairments, digestive problems, weight loss, and developmental delays in children.

2. Old Buildings Might Contain Lead or Asbestos Paint

The paints contain significant amounts of lead and asbestos. It is highly likely that the buildings which were painted in the mid twentieth century might have been painted with lead or asbestos containing mixture. If however, a building was repainted completely or went through major revamping, then you can expect this building to be somewhat safe. Otherwise, it is highly toxic and hazardous for health.

Asbestos or lead containing paints do not pose major health hazards if they are left undisturbed. However, if they are disturbed in any way, or they deteriorate on their own, then toxic metals get exposed posing health dangers to residents of that building. The chipping off of toxic substances may enter the lungs of residents, causing serious health issues.

3.  Infiltration into Soil or Water

Lead and asbestos present in a building’s surrounding may infiltrate into soil or water. If the water is consumed directly, it can affect lungs and overall health. The infiltration of toxic materials into the soil makes the crops sown in that area toxic. These toxic substances can be make their way to your home if anyone walks over that soil and enters your home. Prolonged industrial contamination makes houses vulnerable to presence of asbestos and lead.

Soil which has been contaminated with toxic materials is unsafe for the water flowing through it as it can dissolve the hazardous materials, and can become unfit for consumption. At times the old plumbing can also be the source of dissolving lead into the water as it uses solder containing lead.

4. Prevention is Better than Cure

If lead or asbestos make their way to human body, they cause unrepairable damages to the health. Therefore, it is recommended to consider lead and asbestos inspection beforehand so that you can remain protected against its hazardous effects on health. If you suspect presence of lead or asbestos in your building, based on the age of building, then you might want to consider the getting it inspected so that you can take corrective measures. A timely action will minimize the risk and help keep your family safe.

Final Words

Schedule a professional lead and asbestos inspection for your building’s paint, soil, and water. Only professional inspection can provide you clear and accurate information about presence, exposure and risk rate of toxic substances in a building. Other than accurate inspection, the professional Radon Testing Services by ACC Env will also recommend corrective measures in case of presence of heavy metals in your building. Get in touch with us today to schedule an evaluation, or get a quote.

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