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10 Vinyl Records to Add to Your Collection

There is nothing like playing your favorite artists on an old fashion record player. Whether it is a throwback song to remind you of the good ole days or a new release you want to hear in a whole new way, vinyl records have always given music an authentic and unique sound.


If you are looking for a few ideas on what your next album purchase is going to be. Here is a list of 10 outstanding vinyl records you should consider adding to your collection.


10 Vinyl Records to Add to Your Collection

Although there are tons of excellent records available today, here are ten we feel would make a great addition to your collection.

1. 2-Pacs Greatest Hits

Tupac Shakur was a big influencer in the music world. His music touched millions of lives before and after his death and will continue to do so for many more years to come.

2. Jay-Z- Volume 1: In My Life Time

Jay-Z started strong and hasn’t slowed down. This record is his 2nd ever recorded and takes you back to the days when he made his first debut.

3. Johnny Cash- Sings the Songs That Made Him Famous

Johnny Cash, say no more. This album holds the heart of millions of fans from around the world who can’t get enough of this old country legend.

4. Guns N Rose- Sweet Child O’ Mine

This famous rock band created the infamous Sweet Child O’ Mine song back in 1984, and it is still be used in films and recreated by artists today.

5.  Bob Marley- Legend Picture Disk

Bob Marley, gone but never forgotten. Legend Picture Disk takes you back to the good ole days with all of his greatest hits on one album.

6. Kiss- Dynasty 40th Anniversary

Travel back to 1979 when this album first hit the top ten charts. Songs on this album like “I Was Made for Lovin’ You” can be heard in the same way today as it was back then.

7. Dean Martin- Winter Romance

Talk about a classic; this Dean Martin record is full of Christmas music and would make for a great holiday gift or just to have on hand during the winter season.

8. Imagine Dragons- Origin

Vinal isn’t only for the old-time albums. Imagine Dragons songs like “Natural” and “Zero” can help you understand the lyrics when listening to them on record.

9. Now Country Classics- 90’s

If you loved country music in the ’90s with singers like Trisha Yearwood, George Strait, and Lonestar, you are going to love this vinal record.

10. Slim Shady LP (Limited Edition)

No collection would be complete without an Eminem record, and what better record to own than the limited edition that holds some of the first-ever created songs that made him famous.


If you love to slip away from the stressors of life through the creative and inspiring words from your favorite singers, grab one of your favorite albums on vinyl today, and lose yourself in the music.

Zaraki Kenpachi