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Top Reasons Why You Should Focus On UX for Your Website

Consult any web design agency in New York, and they will tell you to pay attention to your website’s UX if you want to derive fruitful results. To understand why you should focus on UX  for your website, it is important to understand what it means first.

What is UX?

UX stands for ‘User Experience’. Every house has a blueprint explaining the placement of appliances, windows, doors, etc so that the house is livable. Similarly, a website needs to have a design that is ‘user-friendly’ so that it is ‘usable’. A website with great color schemes or design will be of no use if its structure is confusing to the visitors.

A UX design concentrates on audiences’:

  • Pain points
  • Motivations
  • Goals
  • Expectations of achievements on site
  • Emotions while going through different pages of the site

UX design goes far deeper than one can imagine because it tries to meet the needs of a large range of audiences.

Reasons to focus on UX:

Here are the reasons why UX should be one of your top priorities for your website:

  1.     Traffic:

UX design is one of the important ways to increase your website traffic. The more user-friendly a site will be, the larger the number of people it will attract.

  1.     Easy access using mobile phones:

In 2003, the number of searches done by phones was only 15%, which has become 55% at present. A few years back, people needed laptops to contact their relatives and loved ones living far away from them but now it seems that smartphones are replacing laptop devices. Therefore, having a website design that is easily accessible using a smartphone is very important.

  1.     UX and SEO are related:

Everyone wants his/her website to appear in the top 10 Google results. All the websites ranked high in Google have a very good and unique UX. The Google team is continuously changing the algorithms considering many points to determine which page needs to rank in SERP (Search Engine Result Pages). Think of SEO and UX as partners as search engines are SEO’s target while visitors are the target of UX.

  1.     Enhances customer engagement:

The reason why Apple is the greatest example to have the best UX is that a user can easily navigate the site and reach his destination without meeting any problem or getting confused. A good UX design enables a visitor to explore the site without any resistance

  1.     Uniqueness:

Whether it is a simple business or the field of eCommerce business, the best way to succeed is to stand out from all the other competitors. The best way to stand out is to provide people that which the competitors cannot. The problem often arises when users start losing interest in the website because of its difficult interface or because of a simple thing such as needing to double click or zoom in while viewing any product on an eCommerce website. If a good UX designer is hired then one can avoid such a loss.

  1.     Usability:

A good website is easy to navigate and where users can easily find what they are looking for. Hence, information at a perfect place means it is a good site. A user needs different options to aid him/her in deciding what action he/she should take. How a person’s brain understands and utilizes the information to efficiently organize data and content is all part of Information architecture.

  1.     Worldwide audience:

Your website will be used by people only if it supports multiple languages. Of course, there is a lot to take care of while developing a website (especially the one with multi-lingual support) from URL structure to the page layout and the web server but attracting only a few regional audiences is not at all-wise.

  1.     Final Touch: Graphics

Visuals of any website are just as important as its interface or content. A site should be appealing to the visitors grabbing their attention. To bring the website’s user experience to the next level of astonishment, add wonderful graphics.

All the above reasons tell us that UX is very important for a successful business/website. Never overlook UX. Your website will lose in the competition if it will be difficult to browse and navigate. Also, it is important to know that it plays a major role in ranking your website as well. Among the various factors that Google considers when ranking a website, UX ranks among the major ones. Therefore, if you’re not paying attention to it, you are wasting your resources on the SEO specialist you have hired. As they wouldn’t be able to optimally perform.


Zaraki Kenpachi