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Custom Or DIY Website Design?

If you run an enterprise and plan to have a website, how do you choose between a custom website or DIY Website Design?

It may look like a simple choice if you only consider the option because a template website is cheaper than the actual custom web design.

It may seem like an easy choice if you only consider up-front costs – a template website is cheaper than an authentic custom web design. But you will not achieve the functionality you got in the custom development in the template website. Still, you can use the custom WordPress development to alter your template and mold it according to your requirements.

However, The up-front cost is not the only cost you should worry about. It’s just the first piece of the puzzle.

Below are a few things to consider:

  • What is your budget?
  • What’s the time frame limit?
  • How much time and sources do you have to invest in the development of an e-commerce website?
  • How much competition will I face online?


How much can you manage to spend on a custom web design? If you want to find out, note down a price range from minimum to maximum limit. Still Not sure what a custom website costs? Below are a few things for you to check out:

  • How Much Does the Website Cost?
  • Why Does a Custom Website Design Cost Too Much?

Website Cost Breakdown Structure

Time Frame Limit

Do you have a particular date in your mind to launch your business website? If yes, what is the reason for that date? Do you have the flexibility to change that date, or is it urgent?

A website will get easier and develop if you modify the template and mold it according to your requirements. However, the proper custom design will take a longer time to get the required functionality.


While considering whether you should invest in custom web design or templates for your website, ask yourself how much time and resources you can afford to put into the project.

Most people underestimate the design of a website, but actually, it is really complicated work. So, for better results, you have to build a website and invest some time and money into learning all these web pages resources.


How is your competitor doing online? Is there still any space available for you? Will you be able to stand up in the crowd? Is the industry you are targeting online underrepresented?

What do you think if your customer compares your website with the competitor? What will they think? Does your website stand out in the competition?


What is your targeted audience>? Do they search for the services to shop online? If they do, you ask yourself why a customer should leave the competitive website and come to your new website and make a purchase?

Why is it so important?

  • Your client expects a certain level of functionality and user interface while browsing the business website online. If your competitor has built up a custom website design, it is more likely that your audience will like it, and they should also expect a custom web design from you.
  • If the targeted audience is under 40, it is more likely they are similar and comfortable with modern technologies and designs. This thing is essential to not because the younger audience requires the height standard functionality and web design.


Functionality refers to the things you want on your website to do. Do you need a particular functionality? A backend developer? A shopping cart system? a membership system. These all things fall under the custom web design functionality.

Of course, you can alter a web template, but the alteration has its own specific limit, just like other things. On the other hand, when creating a custom website, you are making all the decisions. The professional developer and designers know the in and out of site functionality and can help you choose the best option for your website that will help optimize it for your business needs.


Zaraki Kenpachi