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How to win customers with proper strategies

Most often, we hear about how to win customers, so I have decided to share the strategies with you to gain customers.

In the present world of business escalation with its crazy competition, customer service techniques and tools are becoming highly sophisticated by the day.

The world of businesses is taking giant leaps every minute. Equally, customer service strategies are becoming more and more highly internet-enhanced and digitally propelled.

Winning customers is becoming highly competitive and almost turning into a sort of business war among competitors. 

Only strategic approaches can be deployed to achieve this task and win the battle of your business.

Your business needs those well-developed lead generation strategies enhanced with more excellent strategic tools. 

There are several acclaimed strategies to win customers, but some are more effective and result-oriented than others. Here are the four most effective lead generation strategies.

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1. CliClap

CliClap is a lead generation tool effectively employing AI to provide improved practices for lead generation.

You may have experienced high traffic of visitors on your website who read your content but move on without taking action.

CliClap tool employs Machine Learning that forecasts and preempts each visitor’s best action for better lead generations.

Its app can read and analyze visitors’ data of visits, behavior, and content that interests them.

When visitors appear on your new post, they are each served with other content that will eventually move them to your sales funnel.

Cliclap’s algorithm predicts the conversion likelihood of the visitor. This tool is beneficial in escalating the conversions on your website.

2. Intercom

Another smart lead conversion tool is Intercom. In many instances, potential leads ignore your Call To Action, email newsletter, and lead magnets.

Intercom becomes the best lead tool in such cases. Intercom is a live chat lead tool that enables you to interact with a visitor to your website via a chat box. 

When a visitor lands on your website, “Intercom” triggers a small beeping sound followed by a chatbox.

Intercom allows you to set some rules that invite visitors to your chat box when they stay for a set amount of time on your website. 

It also allows your chat box operator to interact with visitors via instant messaging or video chat. 

This tool, in most cases, enables a high rate of lead conversions.

3. Discover.ly

This tool is most suitable for social selling on major social platforms. It is helpful to garner social leads on Gmail, WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

It is beneficial for connecting the right people to your brand or product niche.

When on Gmail, “Discover.ly” will help you to access a snapshot of whomever you are interacting with. 

It can show you a mini-profile of the person with some helpful information that can guide you to determine if they are useful as target leads.

4.   ActiveCampaign

ActiveCampaign is a useful tool to win customers to grow your business via email marketing. You can use this tool to create automatic follow-up chains for your clients and leads. 

This robust tool can come in handy when you want to create automated follow-up chains to your clients and leads.

ActiveCampaign has a unique feature that enables you to track every structure to your leads and customers. ActiveCampaign allows you to track every contact that each lead and client has with your website.


Customer service is the most critical aspect of the business; it can turn your business around for better if it’s properly deployed with the right tools and strategies.

The best way to send a business or an enterprise to its early grave is to ignore or toy with the power of well-crafted customer service strategies.

On the other hand, the surest way to enhance more exceptional business performance is to adopt robust and effective customer service strategies.

Zaraki Kenpachi