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5 Best ways to block ads on the internet

Many third-party sponsored websites and applications provide you with free content, free software, and free service. The service provided is based on pay-per-click methodology benefitting both users and business. However, at times placement and frequency of such ads can be highly annoying, resulting in degraded browsing experience. In this post, we will learn about strategies to block ads from appearing on your PC screen.

Ads are a Necessary Evil

Tired of annoying and unwanted pop-up ads and banners? Are you frequently redirected to doubtful sites?

Vast numbers of individuals believe that the sidetracks and pop-ups are solid signs of infection or some malware. This holds relevance in most of the scenarios but is not true in all cases. Pop-up ads and banners are mostly used by businesses to earn profit through promoting, and most of them provide free information without charging a penny.

In general cases ads are right but in the run of earning revenue website owners ignore users experience and trick users to click on ads.

A sea of pop-up banners and redirected searches to sponsored sites indicates a problem and can degrade users browsing experience.

Fortunately, there are few tricks available for coping up with these annoying advertisements.

  1. Block ads from showing.
  2. Creating an exception list.
  3. Installation of Browser Hijacker

Below included are few necessary actions involved in blocking ads on Google:

1. Enable Google Chrome’s Pop-up Blocking Feature

  • Click on the Chrome menu icon in the upper-right corner of the web browser, and then open the Settings Window.
  • Type “Popups” into the Search settings Box.
  • Click on Content Settings Tab.
  • If the display window shows Allowed (Blue Button), click on Pop Ups to change it to Blocked (Grey Button) which means that Chrome will no longer show intrusive ads.

2. Using Ad Blocking on Desktop

This strategy utilizes ad blockers (applications) to obstruct all advertisements on your desktop, incorporating the advertisements appeared in different apps and games.

Fortunately, the market is filled with many options, choose the best ad blocker tool today to avoid annoying ads.

3. Block ads using Host files

This method blocks ads by using the host files. This technique hinders all promotions on your PC, incorporating the ones appeared in different applications and games.

4. Use Anti-Adware tools

  • What is Adware, Its working methodology?

Adware is a malicious piece of malware created by cyber criminals display pop-up ads and is mainly intended to earn illegal revenue based on Pay-Per-Click methodology.

It sneaks inside your PC without permission and diverts search results based on your browsing pattern, types of web pages visited. Surfing history to show promoted ads and sponsored banners.

Furthermore, adware can also have dire consequences on the online safety and data privacy of online surfers.

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5. Remove Adware

Disposing of adware is imperative for system health. Anti-adware modules are mainly developed to scan and expel adware virus from PC.

Prominent features of Adware removal tools:

  • Remove undesirable notifications and ads: It effectively scans your computer system against malicious malware and ensures overall system security with Anti Malware software.
  • Scan quick, speedier and quickest: Performs rapid and full system scan within seconds and removes annoying and unwanted ads.
  • Low on resource utilization: It effectively evacuates malware without putting any additional load on the system. A lightweight adware removal tool is the best choice.
  • Crushes Annoying Toolbars: Unwanted toolbars and plugins often get downloaded with adware virus. Adware removal tools expel all such additions along with adware.

Few Life Saving Tips

  • Up-to-date Software: Old and terminated variants of security modules build security holes exposing your system to virus assault. Updating system softwares with the most recent version ensures general protection from adware.
  • License Agreement: Careless downloading of freeware and shareware programming may result in a strained PC. While in a rush to download a program, clients often skip scrutinizing the license agreement. Correctly examining the terms and conditions stated in the License agreement will feature different things that are being downloaded with freeware program.
  • Careful Downloading: Carry most extraordinary caution while downloading freeware on the web. Guarantee that the associations and connections you are using are genuine and reliable.
  • Contaminated web links: Visits to polluted destinations mainly porn and adult locales can result in a compromised pc. Clients are encouraged to abstain from going to dangerous and shady spots.
  • Enable Pop-up blocker: False system update notices and ads are frequently stacked with PC infection. Utilize a productive advertisement blocker device to protect your framework from every single such endeavor.
  • Be vigilant of spam messages: Email convention if suitably took after can diminish occasions of adware contaminations. It is fundamental to browse the validity of emails before opening the connection contained in them.

Hope you like the article. These tips will effectively help you to block ads on the internet and make your browsing experience much better.

Zaraki Kenpachi