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Secure your PC from online threats

Your PC is not only an electronic device but a gadget that has all the personal data. The PC stores all the documents which can reveal your identity. If you use the PC for your crucial job, you need to keep the system secure from dangerous threats. There are various measures you can take for keeping the system protected from all the dangers.

Install antivirus on your device 

If you want to keep the system secure from various threats like spyware, Trojan Horses, and viruses, you need to install a good antivirus on your device. Search for an antivirus tool that can secure the device from all types of malware. For better malware detection and removal, you should install a premium antivirus on the system. Use Webroot antivirus Activation code and get a licensed antivirus for your device. The premium antivirus also provides security from ransomware by applying an extra layer of protection to your data.

Restricts your system use

If you are using the system for your work and other necessary tasks like online banking, sharing confidential data, don’t use it for other jobs. People often use the same system for work as well as playing online games or streaming videos. Using the system for online games can get malware or hackers. If you want to keep the system protected from online threats, use a separate system to perform all unreliable jobs. 

Browse securely

When you browse anything on the device, access the secure sites only. Go to the search result page and click on only sites which are secured (HTTPS). Some people often think that the top pages on the websites are safe; that’s a myth. Always check the URL of the site and only click on it when it has HTTPS. Accessing secure sites ensures that the site is not saving any of your data. 

Never click on ads and popups

When you browse for something; you can see lots of advertisements and popups on the screen. You should never click on ads that look malicious. Ads like “Up to 80% discount!” or “Win a Smartphone” are mostly fake. Cybercriminals post these kinds of ads for phishing the users. When you click on the ads and enter your details; cybercriminals get your details and can easily steal your identity or funds. You can disable the ads on the browser for better security. 

Use firewall on the system

Using a firewall on the system will help to manage your data. Inspecting the incoming data for reliability is difficult. You can’t tell whether the incoming traffic is secure or not. But the firewall can inspect all the incoming data on the network very carefully. The firewall actively checks all the data packets arriving on your network. New devices provide inbuilt firewalls for the system. The inbuilt firewall checks the incoming traffic on the system. If it finds any incoming packet suspicious, the firewall blocks the traffic. In case your device doesn’t have an inbuilt firewall, you should use a personal firewall on the system. A firewall is available as software as well as in hardware. If you are using a desktop system, then you can use the hardware or software one. On laptops, however, it is preferable to use the firewall as applications. Outgoing protection is also provided by the personal firewall. Your firewall also inspects the outgoing traffic of the system. If any of your system’s data is travelling outside in the network without your concern; the firewall will block the network and alert you immediately. Using the firewall will keep you secure on the web.

Access only secure internet

A good security measure for keeping the system secured from online threats is the secure internet. Users should access only a secure internet on the system. The unsecured internet such as public Wi-Fi can get malware or cyber threats to the device. If you’re using the hotel or restaurant’s Wi-Fi, request safe Wi-Fi from a staff member. Make sure the Wi-Fi is password is secured so that only trusted individuals can use it. While travelling abroad, you can use pocket Wi-Fi. The airport will rent you a pocket Wi-Fi system.

Use VPN on an unsecured network

If the pocket Wi-Fi facility is not available, then you should use the VPN. This security tool will protect your device from hackers. It immediately masks your system’s IP so no hacker can find the actual location of your device. If you are travelling and you want to access the internet; connect to the public Wi-Fi and open the VPN. VPN will hide your IP, and now you can access the internet securely. This tool is also helpful while you are sending some data. It establishes a stable data transfer channel. The VPN encrypts the data and sends it via the channel so no hacker can find it. Even if the cybercriminal hacked the data; he can only get it in encrypted form. VPN allows the user to access the blocked data. If some sites or games are blocked at your current location but you want to access them, use VPN. Connect it to the location where the content is available, and then you can easily access it. People often use VPN for streaming videos and online games.

Even after using all the security measures, the threats can still find the way to your device. So, whenever you access the internet, always stay alert. Never ignore any kind of suspicious activity. If you feel that your device is being monitored, then clean all the history files, remove all the passwords from the system immediately. Scan the whole device and remove the spyware and bots. When you access a site and suspect that the site is harmful, then close the tab. It would be best if you did not use any third-party programs or any tools which are not reliable.

Zaraki Kenpachi