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Continental Extended Warranty Review (2024)

Those customers who are buying an extended car warranty via their dealership would most probably get offered with a vehicle service contract from a company named Continental Warranty. Is the price plan of this company worth what it’s offering?

Here we are going to find out today. This is the review of Continental extended warrantyin detail. It covers customer reviews, industry reputation, contract details and a lot more things.

Continental Warranty is based in Delaware over the past 35 years and has experience selling vehicle service contracts via dealerships across the United States.

What Coverage is offered by Continental Extended Warranty?

Continental warranty offers its customers in total five levels of coverage. This company never provided enough contract details online or on the phone call. If you want to get specific details then you need to request a sample contract at a participating dealership. Its five coverage levels are;

  1. Ultra Care Exclusionary Coverage: This includes exclusive bumper-to-bumper coverage with 24/7 roadside assistance.
  2. Ultra Care Vehicle Service Contract: This is detailed coverage that comprises things like gaskets, seals, sensors, electrical components and modules.
  3. Continental Gold: This coverage features everything that is a part of lower-tier continental plus plan with other stuff like air conditioning, electrical components, fuel components, front suspension, braking components, sensor components and modules.
  4. Continental Plus: This covers powertrain components with some other unspecified parts of the vehicle.
  5. Continental Powertrain: This only covers the components of the powertrain.

What is The Cost of Continental Extended Warranty?

The plans of continental warranty gets sold exclusively via dealership and you cannot get quotes over the call or online. One of the customer reviews reported that he spent $3000 on a four-year Ultra care Exclusively Coverage plan. On average, this price is surely on a higher side.

Although, your quotes from the company will differ according to your vehicle and what you need. The price of an extended car typically depends on the location, make and model, age and mileage, deductibility, coverage level and contract length.

What are The Customer reviews for Continental Warranty?

Continental Warranty has A+ ratings from BBB, which is the Better Business Bureau. This company has just yet got 20 complaints from the past three years. This is below average for an extended warranty company.

However, the customers who reviewed it negatively were due to bare and unclear contracts and claims and further denials. In fact, some of the customers believed that the contracts were confusing and not getting explained properly by the salesman.

One of the many reviewers was unsatisfied because the coverage was denied because she could not change the oil in her vehicle following the manufacturer’s recommended schedule for maintenance. But the point is that complying with the manufacturer’s set schedule of maintenance is a common rule and it is even included in every extended car warranty virtually.

As there are a lot of positive reviews and it mentioned great experience with customer service representatives.

How Does The Company Work?

You need to get the quotations for your car from the company and the only possible way is to find yourself a participating dealership. You can transfer the contracts if you want to sell your vehicle and it is under warranty from the company.

If you are already a Continental Warranty’s customer and you are facing any mechanical issue then you need to call the number mentioned in your contract. Their customers can get the repair issue solved at any certified repair shop or dealership in Canada or the USA. Thus, the company will pay the repair fee directly after your approval of repair and you are only responsible to pay the deductible.

Where Can You Go Instead of Continental Extended Warranty?

Continental extended warranty is just average and there are a lot of other companies that you can consider for your vehicle’s warranty. In fact, there are better companies that offer extensive and clear contracts.

Here are the two best alternates of Continental Warranty:

●       Endurance:

Endurance is best because it offers its customers with high quality warranty coverage with a lot of benefits. It has six levels of warranty coverages. Those are; Supreme that is bumper-to-bumper warranty coverage including most of the mechanical and electrical parts, then comes the superior that is comprehensive warranty coverage that includes everything of the lower-tier and the things included in Secure Plus Warranty. Third is the Secure Plus, which is a mid-level plan providing coverage to the air conditioning, brake components, powertrain, and steering and fourth is the basic powertrain plan covering the parts of engine, drivetrain and the transmission. The fifth is the Select Premier especially for the vehicles having high-mileage, it covers most of the components of the powertrain. Six and the last one is EnduranceAdvantage™ that combines the prepaid routine maintenance and the repair coverage.

●       CarShield:

It is another best warranty company you can go to as it offers low-price but comprehensive warranties. It offers you five coverage levels alongside protection plans for your ATVs and Motorcycles.

Its coverage plans begin with diamond that is the highest level offering exclusive bumper-to-bumper warranty. Then comes the Platinum offering detailed component coverage to most of the electrical and mechanical parts. Third one is the Gold that includes warranty coverage for everything in the lower-tier silver plan with starter, power windows, alternator and air-conditioning system. Fourth is the silver offering warranty coverage to the powertrain including each lubricated engine part with drive axles, transmission and water pump. Last but not the least is aluminum that is a special coverage plan for the protection of electrical and computer-related parts.

Final Verdict:

Continental Warranty has not much information including their contract info available online. In fact, their plans could only get sold via the dealership process and surely it is challenging to buy. The customer reviews of the company shows that some feel the coverage is not very comprehensive and some are really happy. So it has mixed reviews.

Zaraki Kenpachi