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Where to buy wow TBC gold?

World Craft – TBC Gold Grinding Spots

I’ve been playing World of Warcraft for about a year with different characters. There didn’t seem to be enough gold to do what I wanted to do. I consider myself an average player which means I’m not completely WoW-addicted but I play about 5-10 hours per week.

Until a few weeks ago I had about 1,800 gold but I didn’t buy my Epic Mount and it cost 5,000 gold. I tried to figure out how to make another 3,200 gold and finally started thinking about buying it for real money.

Instead, I found a gold-making guide that promised that I could do up to 150g / hour and more. At first, I was skeptical, after playing this game for a year I thought I had chosen most of the gold grinding techniques. The guide was about 40 and it would cost a lot more to buy 3,200 gold and if I’m poor in WoW it’s nothing compared to real life.

Easy way to make gold!

First of all, let me tell you: there is no easy way to make gold. All you have to do is know what to do to get the most out of it. You still have to grind. But you will crush in a very profitable way.

In the e-book, I learned about a place where there are level 2 crowds with almost a healthy, 000 health which is very small for this level crowd and killing them easily. They have a high drop rate for the total amount of water that is always in high demand and these crowds quickly make it a perfect goldfield.

 I guess you can make gold there for 90 to 100 rupees by selling vendor waste, green vegetables (which is quite frequent), and water speed at AH. Once I got three blues in one run it was my most profitable run, 240 gold in 50 minutes.

Wow – making gold in disaster

There is going to be a huge demand for many existing items at the time of Cata release and we can start stocking up on these items now. So go back and think for a moment about what is going to be needed. The new characters will flatten the goblins and make them worse so we need to think about what these new characters need.

The bag will be needed first, I currently have about half a bank full netter knitting bag and a few frost wave bags. I plan on having a full guild bank filled with bags on the cut launch.

BoA enchants are going to be a big seller as well. Here I plan to stock, boot – small speed, chest – main health, chest main value, weapon crusader, weapon – fire, and chest – larger figures. Weapons – Spell power and healing power are very hard to find but work in BoA.

It’s more speculation than anything else, I started to think that the massive demand for vanity pets and other vanity items that are needed for success will increase. My argument is that players will create new characters and want to match their major achievements.

This pet can no longer be a disaster because it will be removed from the crowd from which it descends. I’m still waiting for confirmation but it might be better to farm for some good deal or stay at the auction house. This pet can bring some grand if it is removed from the game. 

Another thought I had was that when the expansion started this item would be very limited in supply as the expedition guilds would drop the ICC content. It will be difficult for players to assemble groups and cultivate these items into a disaster.

I rarely see anyone assembling teams to run old wow TBC gold Raid content so I think it would be the same for WotLK content. You might be able to buy this mount now for 20 to 40 thousand gold and resell it at 80 to 100K once the expansion starts. Again this is all speculation but it is a very real scenario.

This guide has lots of spots like the ones mentioned above. The guide will also teach you different techniques of auction houses. Good luck!

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Zaraki Kenpachi