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Things that Affect Positively on Sale

Create coupons 

Discount coupons can be a great way to promote yourself, whether in print catalogs or on dedicated websites or even directly on your website. The discount coupon can be used for several things:

  • Be valid throughout the store or the site, for example, to offset shipping costs, encourage re-ordering, prelaunch abandoned baskets, etc.
  • Be valid on 1 product or 1 range of products without special conditions to boost sales with a price promotion (eg: a gift voucher, a generic discount voucher, etc.)
  • Valid for 1 offer with conditions (ex: on 1 product for 1 offer over a very short period).

Coupons can be sent by mail, email, SMS, via a pop-up… or on sites dedicated to discount coupons. At a management software publisher, we had enriched a Premium offer by adding online4baby discount code to be used on personalized baby products. On the one hand, this made it possible to have a more attractive “premium” offer at a lower cost, but in addition, it allowed us to trigger purchases on services that were initially little in demand naturally. What you need to do: Identify a product line that you want to boost over a short period, for example, if you have a subscription product, offer a trial for X days at $ 1, or sell as a “gift voucher” valid on part of your product range.

Set up a sponsorship or affiliate program

The purpose of affiliation is to allow prescribers to recommend your products and services, and in return to receive either a percentage of sales or gifts.

The goal with affiliation can be:

  • either to recruit a distribution network (e.g. lead generation specialists, etc.)
  • either to encourage prescribers to talk about you (ex: consultants, bloggers, etc.)
  • or to encourage your customers to promote your products (eg with a “sponsorship” link that offers them a percentage on the sale or a gift).

The difficulty with affiliation is finding the right affiliates who will generate sales because generally 80% of sales are made by 5% of affiliates… and 20% by 95% of others. It is also necessary to animate its affiliates regularly, otherwise, they will move on to a new offer once they have made 1 or 2 communications on your products (the sales potential being exhausted).

What you need to do: Identify if there are blogs, forums … which have a large audience in your topic, and offer them to make a communication on their list of subscribers to touch a percentage on the sales. You can even offer them an interview or write an article to make their job as easy as possible.

Submit flyers, business cards, prospectuses with discount coupons

The discount voucher allows you to materialize your offer concretely so that the person either uses it immediately or takes it home to order later (as quickly as possible).

You just need to print flyers, prospectuses, on the back of your business card… coupons so that they are used to generate sales. For a discount voucher to be profitable, it is important to materialize its value by clearly mentioning the amount, the limits of the offer …

Warning: do not use deceptive discount coupons… that is to say, offer a reduction which imposes an excessively large amount of turnover, on an order that is too distant, and uninteresting range of products… You can also join forces with several vendors that complement your products, and that are not competitors, to create a complete book of discount coupons.

For example, if you worked in eCommerce, you published a discount code, with around fifteen eCommerce sites that offered exclusive discounts. These coupons were then sent in all customer packages. A common reduction book makes it possible to accumulate marketing resources and increase the visibility of offers.

Zaraki Kenpachi