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Digital Marketing And How To Do It

Digital marketing is the process of reaching the intended audience through digital mediums to spread any message.

Brands nowadays use social media and other media to spread brand messages and reach millions of people.

Importance of Digital Marketing:

After the rise of the internet, people started to spend more and more time on their phones and laptops. With this new avenue opening, people stopped paying attention to old ways of marketing like putting ads on billboards. 

Because of that, it became crucial to use the medium on which people are paying attention for an effective campaign.

Benefits of Digital Marketing:

Cost is one of the biggest advantages of digital marketing. Digital marketing provided a cheap but effective way to spread brand awareness among the masses.

The next advantage is the targeted audience. Modern AI and machine learning techniques can classify people according to their recent interests and show them ads accordingly. By doing this the effectiveness of the campaign increases exponentially.

How To Do Digital Marketing:

From influencer marketing to SEO to bulk text messaging, the following strategies will help you boost your client engagement through digital marketing.

1-Influencer Marketing:

These days there are people with large audiences on social media and deemed as celebrities. These people offer to advertise any business on the social media platform in return for the money.

Some companies are offering to find influencers. Branding agency in Egypt like a branding bar is an example of such a company.

2-Social Media Marketing:

Social media platforms like Facebook, and Instagram are also advertisement platforms. These platforms show the ads to the audience who are interested.

These platforms are becoming the biggest platforms to advertise as the number of users is growing every day.

3-Email Marketing:

keeping the customers engaged is very important to make them keep coming back. For that, emails are very important.

You can send newsletters and new offers which are based on the previous sales.

About 60% of customers who shopped a second time admit that the email players play a role to make them come back.

4-Search Engine Optimization:

SEO is a technique that uses keywords to bring the websites to the top results. It helps the search engines to find the website easily which puts it in top results which are most likely to be selected by the users.


These days you can buy the traffic for your website. This can be done by putting ads on the websites and search engines which will increase the traffic to the website. The website will pay for this traffic and boost its business.

6-Affiliate Marketing:

In this strategy, an outsider who can be an individual or an organization promotes your business online and in return will get a small percentage with every sale made because of him.

For example, if a Youtuber asks his followers to use a promo code to buy anything from your website in return for the discount. He will get a fixed percentage for every time the promo code is used.

7-Mobile Marketing

Mobile marketing is the combination of text messages, emails, and push notifications. As mobile users are growing this way of marketing is also growing. You can use this to spread brand awareness and reach millions.

Zaraki Kenpachi