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The 4 most trendy scarves you should buy this winters

The North is entering the coldest days since the beginning of winter. The weather was so cold, in addition to essential items such as life jackets, sweatshirts, thick sweaters, fashion followers could not dress without scarves. In addition to keeping warm, the large scarves also make the set more pleasing to the eyes and cuter. Old scarves are widely used from Old to present. Its original purpose was to keep the body warm during seasonal changes or in cold winters. But today it is used not only for such a purpose, but also as a fashion style to highlight itself and a school of art.

Most people from old to young in the North know a scarf as an indomitable item in the cold winter, but today it is used not only in the north but in all parts of the country.

So what’s new in the winter season 2024 – 2024 scarf, which is the type of scarf that is most popular with fashionista, what kind of scarf you should buy? All wrapped up in the following 4 points:

  1. Fluffy scarf

If you are going to buy only one scarf for the cold season this year, choose a scarf. This wave, scarf is “hot” than wool scarves and is also the type of scarf imported the most by fashion shops. The most popular felt scarf this year is a smooth, not too thick, bulky scarf like a wool scarf, but it has outstanding warmth-keeping efficiency and especially looks very luxurious and delicate.

To ensure your scarf can be mixed with all sets, choose neutral and elegant colors such as beige, brown, gray, cream or black. These are also the colors that fashion followers wear the most.

  1. Textured scarf

If you feel that the plain colored scarves are a bit boring for you, you should definitely buy a textured scarf, for example, a houndstooth or checkerboard. Wearing hot trend patterns of this year’s cold season, these scarves will make your set stand out even more. You can even dress in simple plain colors and wear a scarf to keep your eye catching.

  1. Woolen scarves

Remember the previous years, the thick and thick wool scarf used to cause fever on a large scale, making the girls wear it all the time. However, this year, the most popular type of wool scarf is a medium-thick wool scarf with tassels or decorative braids at the ends. This lovely variation makes the familiar wool scarf more interesting and new and that is also what this scarf style will bring to your set.

  1. Ruffled scarf

In case you are looking for a really luxurious scarf with aristocratic style, there is definitely no scarf that is more suitable than ruffled scarf. Not as long as a woolen muffler for men, a wool scarf, or a ruffled scarf is quite short and the appearance is also different: instead of wrapping a lot of times or tying a knot, you just need to insert one end of the scarf into the slot available at the other end. This “noble” scarf is especially suitable for mixing with elegant dresses and immediately adds a luxurious look to simple sets.

Zaraki Kenpachi