Five Ways on How to Perfectly Wear Men’s Suit in 2024
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Five Ways on How to Perfectly Wear Men’s Suit in 2024

Men are known to mostly wear casual clothes almost every day. Casual clothing is acceptable on most occasions, except during formal business meetings.

However, for the past few years, men have rekindled their sense of fashion. It paved the way for many fashion brands to introduce more sophisticated and stylish mens suits that perfectly fits with today’s style and fashion.

As men’s suits begin to make their way back to the mainstream fashion scene, here are some of the best tips men can follow to make them look more dashing while wearing this attire.

1. Start with Finding the Right Shoulders Fit

The shoulders are the most difficult to tailor on suits. Always choose one that perfectly fits the shoulders to avoid the shoulder divot that makes men look like MC Hammer. Gone are the days where men fancy a broader shoulder divot. Suits these days have a more subtle and sophisticated look.

A tailor can easily measure up everything, so it would be best to start finding a suit with the right shoulder divot.

2. Choose a Custom-Tailored Suit

Shopping for a suit may not be difficult. Not all that is displayed at a shop perfectly fit the unique body measurements of each man. Thus, it is best to buy a tailored suit that fits perfectly.

In doing this, men can prevent hanging or hugging when they wear a suit stitched to their exact body measurements. In addition, it prevents men from looking dishevelled, defeating the suit’s main purpose of looking great.

However, custom-tailored suits can cost extra bucks, but they are good investments. Those who want to save on money can purchase readily available suits and have them altered.

3. Pair the Suit with Good-Quality Shirt, Shoes, and Belt

Wearing a suit alone does not entirely complement the entire outfit to look great. It requires a nice shirt, belt, and shoes. Men should also invest in this clothing to achieve that dashing and professional look. But, make sure to buy good-quality clothing to avoid cheapening the entire outfit.

4. Wool to Cool Down Quicker

It may sound contradicting, but wool is better at absorbing sweat, and it dries quicker than other fabrics. Therefore, it is the best choice for suits, slacks, and coats. Furthermore, wool does not require a lot of ironing since it does not wrinkle easily or manifest any moist or wet areas compared to other fabric types.

Mens suits should be breathable and comfortable to wear. For those who are not keen on wool, blended wool is an option. It acts like cotton or linen for added comfort.

5. Put Emphasis on The Suit’s Colour

Men should be intentional about their suit’s colour. Black may be the universal colour of a classic suit. However, it would be more stylish if men put more colour to it. Men should try wearing other shades like navy blue, grey, and other neutral blends to add contrast and style.

Navy blue is the top choice aside from the usual black coloured suit. Just ensure that the navy-blue suit is paired with colours that complement its entire style.

Final Thoughts

Suits are back in style. It did not go away. Men only took time to figure out how to style it according to today’s trends. Thus, it would be perfect for remembering the tips listed above if one wants to dress to impress.

Zaraki Kenpachi