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How To Choose The Best Shirts For Men

The Basics of Shirts For Men Top-Sleeved Shirts. Short-sleeved shirts for men make for the perfect outfit for the summer months. This shirt style makes it an ideal wardrobe piece for a casual stroll around the streets or a park. You can wear it with jeans or pair it up with an elegant pair of denim trousers. If you’re planning on heading to the beach, you can easily pair your shirt with some comfortable beachwear, and you’re set to go!

Casual Shirts in the Long Sleeve Cut. The long sleeve shirts are generally considered the dressier versions of the regular-sized shirts. They’re tailored to fit closer to the body, which makes them seem crisper and well-shaped. The collars tend to be a little longer than in the standard short-sleeved shirts, but this does not mean that the shirts will make you look slimmer. On the contrary, the long-sleeved shirts for men to give a neat and tidy appearance, accentuating the fit and silhouette of your body.

Shirt Collar Styles: The collar style is another crucial factor in choosing the right shirts for men. There are two types of collars to choose from – wing-tip and plain collars. Wing-tip collars tend to have a slightly higher, wider look. On the other hand, plain collars are usually made of lightweight fabrics and do not enhance the shape of one’s face. You can read more here.

The T-Shirts You Can Rely On: This may sound surprising, but there are several shirts that can easily pass as being formal wear. Formal t-shirts made of 100% cotton are the best bets for you. Some shirts feature button-down fronts featuring two or three buttons (two side buttons and one center button), making them easy to open and close. Other shirts feature ribbed or knit insets that extend to either side of the shirt, making it easier to tuck in your shirt and to roll up or down.

Sporty Shirts For Men: For those who prefer to go outdoors, sporty shirts for men will surely delight you. Unlike usual tees made of cotton-poplin, sporty shirts for men made of different materials like cotton, polyester, and even denim can make a man feel like he is out in the pouring rain. Sporty shirts for men also come in various colors, styles, and designs, so you are sure to find one that suits your sense of style. A cotton-poplin shirt can be worn to work, while a t-shirt made of cotton-poplin can be worn when going out for the evening. And for those who want to make a fashion statement, a graphic tee with embroidered graphics or classic black and white are other great options.

Casual Wear For Men: One of the most popular casual wear styles for men is the Hawaiian shirt. The Hawaiian shirt is perfect for those looking for something comfortable to wear on weekends (when the weather is still quite warm) or for those who want to look hip and cool on the beach. Hawaiian shirts for men have come a long way from their origin as beach towels. Now they come in so many styles, shapes, colors, and designs that one can never have a shortage of choices. There are Hawaiian shirts for both formal and casual wear, so if you are interested, you can choose between the usual styles like V-neck and crew cuts, or go with something more unique like the multicolored ponchos or the sandals paired with the Hawaiian shirt.

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