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What to Expect When You Have an IUI Procedure?

Modern-day technology and immense progress in the field of science are doing miracles. These two things are doing things that could never be imagined a few decades ago. No matter what type of disease you have or what type of change you want to bring to your body, science is here to assist you in every matter.

If you have some old people around you, ask them if they have ever imagined in their early ages about having a baby without even mating. Their answer will definitely be a huge no. But today, it is quite possible to have a baby this way. If you and your partner want a baby and failed to do so via normal process, you can have it by certain medical treatments.

An IUI procedure can do the trick to get you pregnant. You can take an IUI treatment in Lahore and other big cities in Pakistan and get pregnant even without mating with your partner. This treatment method involves the placement of your partner’s sperm directly into your uterine cavity. This prevents it from swimming through the cervical opening and uterus. It makes the journey easy towards the egg and increases the chances of fertilization.

Different events and changes occurred in your body in case of any medical treatment. The same is in the case of IUI treatment. Following are the events and changes that can take place during and after the IUI treatment. You should read them thoroughly before having this treatment.

Pre Medication and Collecting Sperms

The IUI is usually done during the time of ovulation. It is the time when your ovary releases an egg. A few days before the treatment, you are given some medication. These medicines are required to boost up your fertility and can increase the chance of getting pregnant after the process.

The sperm of your partner are collected in a tube provided by the doctor or laboratory. There are different methods to collect the sperms. If your partner has some erection problems and cannot ejaculate sperm on its own even after medication, then electric stimulation is used for that purpose.

Placement of Sperms

After the sperm has been taken from your partner. It is immediately taken to an andrology laboratory. This type of laboratory is specialized in treating male health issues. The sperms are medically washed there. This process removes all the debris and other materials from the semen.

This is done to avoid any type of infection in the uterine cavity. The washing process is about 2 hours long. After that, sperms are taken back to the treatment center. Now the treatment starts. The doctor will ask you to lie on the examination table. The process is usually painless and quick, so no anesthesia is given to you before starting treatment.

After all the preparations, the doctor uses a long tube to place sperms inside your uterine cavity. This process usually gives no discomfort to most of the patients. Sometimes, depending upon the condition and age of the patient, the doctor might inject sperm one more time after a 30 to 40-minute delay.

Success Rate

IUI is usually used for female infertility treatment. The success rate depends upon the age and condition of the patient, type of infertility, duration of infertility, etc. Usually, it increases the chance of pregnancy by 5 to 15 percent, and some studies revealed that it could be even more than 20 percent.

In order to make it more successful, you can follow certain instructions. Keep your legs higher than your head for at least one hour after the sperm is injected to prevent its backflow. Avoiding anxiety and stress can also be helpful.

Side Effects and Some Other Expected Things

This procedure has almost no side effects. The only side effect is a mild infection in the uterine tube or pain in the abdominal or pelvic region. You might also have to visit the doctor on a regular basis before treatment for the test of your blood during your periods.

Your partner also has to visit the laboratory for different tests. Due to medication, you can release more than one egg at the time of IUI. This can result in the birth of twins or even three babies at a time.

Knowing about every expected thing, now you can wisely choose whether you should take this treatment or not.

Zaraki Kenpachi