Two Sound ways to treat Cold Sores
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Two Sound ways to treat Cold Sores

There is no worse feeling than a new cold sore which starts causing that tingling feel when you feel it is about to come- to the tiny crater which shows up on your face a few days later. So, how can you treat cold sores easily and can you just minimize the signs of them to occur on your face?

Well, early treatment can lower the seriousness and time period

After you have suspected that you have cold sores, the very first action from your side should be to check the symptoms. It is a really common illness which can be treated with easy medications available in abundance on the internet. So, can you over the counter medication help or should you seek immediate professional assistance?

How can you effectively treat cold sores?

When you are treating the problem, you have two major remedies to select from. One is to apply an ointment or a topical gel and the other is to consume oral medications. No matter what you decide, both will relieve you from the problem. It totally depends on your preference. Here are two major ways to get rid of cold sores.

Using antiviral cream or gel

You have a number of OTC brands to select from. You can any generic medication from the following and find out about its potency: Penciclovir or Aciclovir. They can either be purchase over-the-counter or provided by the doctor. They are not responsible for killing the virus but they definitely don’t allow them to multiply.

However, if you already have blisters, then don’t expect them to make a noticeable difference as they only prevent the spread and deterioration of the condition. The only promise it offers it narrow the time of infection when applied instantly after the symptoms appear.

Consuming antiviral medicines

The antiviral medications are available in tablet form and are prescribed only for adults. If your disease has compromised your immune system, then these medications will prevent any future complications. It offers the same result as antiviral creams and prevents the virus from spreading.

The medication reduces the tingling or burning sensation which occurs with the cold sore progression.

Cold sore patch

They are a revolutionary cold sore treatment that doesn’t just lower the sign and symptoms of them but also decreases their visibility.

Other than that, you can go for supplements enriched with Vitamin C, Zinc and Lysine to maintain healthy and good skin and lips. It prevents cold sores from developing and helps to treat the cold sore blisters efficiently.

So, all these types of medications will help you treat the symptoms of cold sores. Whenever you feel the tingling itching or an outbreak of blisters, you can use these medicines. Make sure you take complete responsibility for your medical condition. If you want to consult a physician, then you should definitely do it but don’t take your chance and take immediate steps to be on your path to fast recovery.

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