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Lookah seahorse pro glass accessories

Lookah seahorse pro introduction

Are you familiar with Lookah seahorse pro and the accessories that they offer? If no then don’t worry, I’m here to expose some interesting facts here. First, Lookah seahorse pro glass accessories come up with the seahorse pro set up.

This pro unit looks like the mini nectar collector. If we compare the pro version with the first generation wax pen, the former is more versatile. It usually pairs with the accessories to get fit into the various bongs and rigs.

Lookah seahorse pro glass accessories

Seahorse pro is the unit that includes many useful accessories in the tool kit. This accessory kit includes:

1-    Battery 

The built-in battery that comes along with the pro unit is 650 mah. This battery offers:

Charging unit

The charging unit is about 250mA. It allows the input voltage of about 5V and the output voltage of 4.1, 3.6, 3.2 V.


It offers a resistance of about 1.0 – 9.99 ohm. It allows overcharge protection, over-discharge protection, short circuit protection, overload protection, smoke overtime protection, temperature protection and much more!

2-      Adapter

There is s 14/18mm adapter present that fit into every bong and water pipe.

3-      Tip adapter

The tip of the adapter slides over the seahorse pro’s mouthpiece while dabbing.

4-      Connection hose

The 24cm connection hose will provide huge space and area.

5-      USB cable

To connect the rig or pro unit with the seahorse pro, the Lookah seahorse glass accessories also include a micro USB cable.

6-      Glass mouthpiece

An extra glass mouthpiece is also available for vaping.

7-      Instructional manual

So for the proper working and proper use of the kit, the Lookah seahorse pro also contains the instructional manual.

How to cool the vaporizer?

Thus another cool function that your seahorse pro can perform is that it offers the direct interface to 14 or 18mm bong. With said that the adapters also connect to let them concentrate directly towards the water pipe.

Thus the Lookah seahorse glass accessories allow you the use of 510 oil cartridges as well. So, the dab tips that route the hot vapors through the water cooling glass give a satisfying experience.

Lookah Seahorse Pro Glass Accessories Use

These are some of the steps that you’ve to follow to operate the seahorse pro:

  •         The very first step is to turn the device on by clicking the power button at least five times consecutively
  •         Now double tap on it to get the desired temperature. Thus for getting optimum heat stick on blur, purple or white
  •         Hole the button down for three seconds to enjoy the 20 seconds dabbing
  •         If you’re using oil cartridges, then click on manual mode

But if you’re using the exclusive mode, then follow the steps mentioned below:


  •         Another heating method takes about 15 seconds for 20 seconds, dabbing
  •         This method is more accurate for a direct dab of contrite from the container
  •         To enter into this mode, click the button three times
  •         The light will flash for 15 seconds in your Lookah seahorse pro while heating
  •         And it will stay lit for the next 30 seconds as well

Lookah seahorse glass accessories warranty

Lookah offers about 30 days warranty from the date of purchase. If you’ve got the device with the issue of the bat, then you can easily return the defective ones. Thanks to the technology that this device would never get premature failure. Its reliability depends upon its use, but it is worth the price that you pay for it.

How to clean Lookah seahorse pro glass accessories?

The cleaning process of this 2nd version seahorse is very easy and simple:

è The cleaning brushes are available to clean the vapor path

è Its design is such that it can easily maintain

è It provides enough space and perfect reach to remove stains while rinsing

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1-      What are the specs of Lookah seahorse pro?

Coils Quartz coil
Thread cartridges 510
Battery 650mah
Mode Automatic or on-demand heating


2-      Are there any delivery or shipping charges included with the seahorse pro price?

Due to the sudden alterations in national federations, the Lookah seahorse cannot ship without any charges. Hence restrictions make it highly risky to ship them outside the US, so the extra charges are applied. You can contact me on the official page for further details.


Lookah seahorse pro glass accessories come along with various updated features. The tool kit, along with amazing accessories, can make your life easy and your vaping experience awesome. So never be late to order your pack. Get it now and enjoy! For further details and queries, you can contact on official page freely. Also, remember to give us your kind feedback; I’ll be back soon with another exclusive product.

Thank you!

Zaraki Kenpachi