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A Brief Overview Of The Different Types Of Bongs

What are bongs? From a name derived from the Chinese word for ‘bongs’, the term bongs comes from the shape of the instrument. In its most common form, the bongs are tube-shaped, with some versions shaped like large animal horns and others designed with a bulbous end. Some bongs look like small guns, with pointed tips. Whatever their original appearance, the general idea is that the bongs help produce sound when hits hit the water.

Filtration unit:

A bong is usually a filtration unit used for smoking marijuana, tobacco, or any other herb or material. Typically, in a typical bongs, the volatile material is forced out through the downstem, while the material stays up in the bowl. The downstem is also called a stem. The joint sizes of most common bongs range from a few millimeters to several inches in diameter. In the photo, the bongs on display include a small downstem. A larger downstem, and a very large downstem.

Dry herbs:

Dry herbs are compressed into small containers, and sometimes they are held in the mouthpiece, called a stem. Many times, bongs are used in place of a regular vessel. A number of Chinese herbs are available in dried form as bongs. Often these are used as incense for meditation and yoga practices. Many of the dry herbs have been dried for centuries, and then used in the creation of the world’s most common bong.

Silicone bongs:

Silicone bongs are one type of bongs that are common in North America today. These types come in a variety of different colors, with black and red being some of the more popular choices. Most bongs that are designed for smoking are typically round or square in shape. Although some can be found in other shapes, such as an animal or flower shape. The majority of silicone bongs that are found on store shelves are made out of a type of plastic material called malleable plastic.

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Two types of bongs:

There are two types of bongs that you should know about. The first is called a forced air bong. These bongs are typically made out of either glass or acrylic. The difference is that the glass is often filled with inert gas (usually nitrogen or oxygen). Which helps the bongs to achieve the temperature and pressures that help draw out smoke. The second kind of bong are called a water pipe bong. These types of bong look very similar to inhalation bongs which are what you probably used to buy. What makes the water pipe bongs so interesting is that you can use a variety of different types of herbs in them. This makes them perfect for smoking various kinds of herbs, including the popular aromatherapy herbs like lavender and rosemary.

Unique bongs:

There are a couple more types of unique bong on the market today. One of these is called a lung machine. Lung machines are great because they have the appearance of a traditional Chinese firebricks, but they work differently. Instead of heating the air inside the bamboo tube, they heat the air outside of the tube. Which the bong press against in order to increase the bronchial spasm response. Since this process increases the blood pressure. It also increases the amount of carbon monoxide that is passed into the smoker’s lungs. You can even mix the water bongs with your favorite herb mixture and inhale the sweet, potent smoke that comes out of them.


Whatever your preference is when it comes to smoking bongs. There is no denying that they are a fantastic way to get high and relax. If you are going to buy a bong, make sure that you take the time to read about the different types so that you will be able to choose the one that is right for you. You should also look into buying your bong online, as you will often find better prices there. No matter what type of bongs that you end up buying. You will be able to enjoy all of the relaxing benefits that they provide if you follow the directions carefully.

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